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reduce stress -- more vacation. shorter workweek. guaranteed care. guaranteed income.
make everyone a trustee

oh inverted yield curve
my favorite shins album
deux pistes ne furent pas utilisées par Zach Braff dans son film de merde Garden State
I met an anti-vaxxer who accepts the clear science that vaccines are effective.

His position is basically that vulnerable and unlucky people (possibly him!) should take one for the team and die so he doesn't have to take one for the team and feel a pinch in his arm.
My 2009 Timex IronMan watch has tripled in value in the last 10 years but I can't find a buyer thanks to our shitty capitalist system's endemic market failure. I was going to buy 3 new watches and string them around my wrists like Tommy Wiseau strings belts around his waist #stanleythoughts
Check out Christgau's consumer guide to antipsychotics at the link below:

No good makeout adult DVD sets of folks making out with the mezuzah
or pinning the tail on the mezuzah
or engaging in a fiscal expansion of the mezuzah on the mezuzah for the mezuzah athwart the mezuzah
this is why we need PUBLIC fudning for the erotic arts
Trying to give my plants a bulimia tummy tea they're growing like crazy or a Beyoncé cayenne lemon juice cleanse
Mr. Bricolage, you sold me plants straight out of BALCO Labs
Mayor Pete was so fascinating by a crossing symbol that he taught himself red hand and green walking dude and now he dreams in that language he dreams up these #stanleythoughts and pedestrian fatalities in South Bend have skyrocketed since the cross walk signals display his dreams rather than accurate safety information
don't speak ill of the Dead, man
they were great
and stop speaking ill of your uncle Gary
all that talk it's just not true, the
explosive charges of an explosives charge
you know he was fighting the system
more than you kids will ever do
all you do is sit on your computers and think your #stanleythoughts
Lol tesla said its servers are overwhelmed and it can't take all the orders it's getting.
They want us to think they can't run a server to satisfy orders for a luxury item and yet they've got AI figured out
the Boeing 737 MAX is also crashing servers

Andrew Yang is in this race to promote UBI because if we give people time to build their own lives many will build it in opposition to circumcision #stanleythoughts
N'oubliez pas les paroles ! had a spinoff, also presented by Nagui. (Well no it wasn't a spinoff, it aired back in the 1990s.) It was called, er, #stanleythoughts
Does anyone actually remember what information it was that Barbra Streisand was suppressing or do they remember only that she was suppressing information (hence the so-called Streisand effect)? In her case seriously who gives a shit but if it were a government official I don't want to be a downer here but doesn't suppression often work? #stanleythoughts
Does anyone actually remember what information it was that Barbra Streisand was suppressing or do they remember only that she was suppressing information (hence the so-called Streisand effect)? In her case seriously who gives a shit but if it were a government official I don't want to be a downer here but doesn't suppression often work? #stanleythoughts
What did the hijacker say on 9/11?
He did it. (Points at other person on plane to policeflames and policeimpactforce.)
Will you two knock it off back there in the back seat of this passenger vehicle in which we are riding so that later in the morning in a much larger passenger vehicle we can kill many thousands.
He started it.
I, uh...I, uh...Aya did it
I guess I could have tried knocking on the door at the tower’s entrance.
Dude, I swear I’m so sick of having this random argument with you about whether jet fuel can melt steel beams I could kill myself. And in doing so I’m gonna run me a quick little experiment that will finally settle this question for all. (Hey it’s not a random question. It’s occupied our most brilliant blogs and late-night radio programs since the jet stuff and the steel thingys were invented, whichever came second.)
Are you sure this is not an inside job?
Hey New York want to save money on your heating bills this fall?
Truth...no, dare.
Let’s fly in for a closer look. Get it? See, I ca... Show more...
Right-wing Facebook competitor Gab releases a Facebook Live-esque system for streaming mass shootings. #stanleythoughts
Biased listicle of tips for healthy teeth and gums stops at 8 and doesn't note numbers 9 and 10: read #stanleythoughts and don't get shot in the mouth
There should be a prize for dumbest and most pretentious #deeplearning writing #stanleythoughts

Because sentences are deceptive. Soldiering along under the tyrannies of time and paper, sentences have lulled us into thinking that their meaning is linear, that it unfurls like a ribbon of print across the page. This is not true. In any sentence, some words have strong relationships with other words that are not bang-up next to them. In fact, the strongest relationships binding a given word to the rest of the sentence may be with words quite distant from it.
How is it possible for one's blood to be French? Simple: donate it to the Établissement Français du Sang #stanleythoughts
The old man still thinks he's fighting WWII
But he's throwing real grenades into his salad
Which is a a real battlefield
I mean he doesn't "still think" he's fighting
There was a period of time, when he was working at a bank and was less old,
where he did not think he was fighting in a war
He thought he was watching a 30000 hour trailer to a 10 billion year movie
That is more of a meat grinder and slog than the uphill charge in the Thin Red Line the movie
brexidous parole
Called the psych ward website to see about the Interne interne was listed and he was not so he must be the patient the patients run the ward in a democratic fashion based on anarchiste principles

Des étudiantes qui font des #climatstrike manifs en Danemark disent que la planète va devenir plus chaude que Léo DiCaprio.

C’est certainement vrai mais que disent les hommes qui pensent que la pollution climatique est une manifestation de virilité hétérosexuelle à la différence du manger de tofu et de rouler dans un train géant dans un tube? Est-ce qu’ils veulent qu’il devienne très chaude ?

Je ne pense pas qu’ils sont virils. Je pense qu’ils ont haine de la féminité : les fluides fossiles, la mère terre

Policy proposal: when there is a traffic jam in the skies the hospital rescue helicopter can shoot down Bezos’s helicopter if he is getting in the way of saving a life and the TV news traffic helicopter can shoot down Bezos’s helicopter if he’s getting in the way of a shot of a sick traffic jam. #stanleythoughts
Policy proposal: when there is a traffic jam in the skies the hospital rescue helicopter can shoot down Bezos’s helicopter if he is getting in the way of saving a life and the TV news traffic helicopter can shoot down Bezos’s helicopter if he’s getting in the way of a shot of a sick traffic jam. #stanleythoughts
First they come for the straws
Well first they come for the first straw
Then they come for the last straw
The camel’s back feels soothing relief
Then there’s no more straws to come for
Then they come for the strawmen

I put the warning sign on my gate outside my gated property BEWARE OF STRAWMAN I MEAN SOCIALISM
I know from watching Tv that my wife will learn I’m cheating on her with you Shrek if we exchange texts or share smoke signals or share needles or whisper our names into toothbrushes. The only way to cheat and get away with it is to watch TV all day except to work and buy the products we learn about on tv (or on billboards—1st of the month!). Thanks TV. Shrek just know that every time you watch that magic black box you are looking into my eyes. #stanleythoughts
We should require cleaning product companies that want to advertise on public airwaves to show only men (and not Mr. Clean) cleaning until we start doing our fair share of home labor.

Hey Geneva Motor Show why won’t you show my car just because it’s a toothbrush stapled to a door #stanleythoughts
Shouldn’t you be in class not the psych ward?
Nah man Fs get covfrees and France is like a beautiful painting and what’s more beautiful than people facing things together not alone hat was it that Barthes said about the part of a picture that makes it pop he said look at who’s in the White House and who is in The Who these days and who’s writing this terrible season of #stanleythoughts and who’s taking out your trash and who’s taking out your family to the nice cuck e cheese
Why did you come to France the language the culture the psych wards the #stanleythoughts
You know what is a better idea than voting third party in a fptp system? A Nader Trader but for diets, ie a system under which an omelette lover gives up eggs for a day so a vegan or phenylketonuric can have one. It’s a better way to inject choice and competition in our healthcare system than this “across state lines” canard.

Sorry no time to talk they’ve got me in a French psych ward #stanleythoughts
The cool thing about the Omar resolution is that it condemns all forms of bigotry including the bigotry involved in drafting the resolution #stanleythoughts
It’s so exhausting reading about all the different antisemitism problems in three different countries. It’s not the sort of thing the other Jews I talk to are eager to talk about. I am looking for a good piece to make me feel “like I talked to someone” good, not “it’s not a problem” good. Like, “what do different Jewish people feel” not “how will they vote.” #stanleythoughts
Hey what's your name? Is it Shrek?

I say to everyone in the CROUS.

I see this is a sore subject. Let's talk about Max Weber instead. #stanleythoughts
The prudent thing about convicted felon Elliot Abrams's shitty opinions:
(1) they're opinions, which means you can't get convicted for telling them to Congress
(2) they're shitty, which helps you find work in American foreign policy

I'm nervous about these young neoconfederate justices Trump is pumping into our justice system, like spray cheese on an ice cream sundae.

My hope is they'll strike down regulations on spray cheese cans and they'll explode and they'll be licking up the delicious mess for decades so they won't have time to issue rulings.

The post-millennial generation sucks. I remember I was trying to explain to my student how an op-amp could saturate by bringing up the impossibility of an arbitrarily large output from megaphones connected in series, the way Bart did during his field trip to the police station. These kids didn't know the reference (I mean, they know who Bart is but they haven't seen any of the episodes I refer to.) Worse, they were convinced hooking up hundreds of megaphones in series could produce an arbitrarily large output. It's political correctness run amok. Why don't I get an op-ed sinecure complaining about kids on campus. #stanleythoughts
Mmm now that looks like a trout stream I could eat.

(Sits at base of the stream with mouth open as river and fish rush in)

This is trout fishing in America

Why do these groups with 1940s big band orchestra names play only v a p o r w a v e #stanleythoughts ?
I was thinking to myself why isn't there a subgenre of punk involving mariners an sea chanteys but then i type these things into the internet thingy and "seapunk" pops up but i don't think it's like les marins d'iroise. i'll show you what seapunk really is…AFTER THESE CAPITALIST MESSAGES! #stanleythoughts
ina has some great #jazz videos #antibes-festival #studio-recordings #etc #music #stanleythoughts
My movie Why Aren't You Going to the Lobby to Get Yourself a Treat, Dammit? was nominated by the National Sugar Council's "Film about Values" award. Sadly the award always goes to Give Me the Award or I'll Cut You.

Barthes wrote his own book on photography because he felt academic inquiries into the nature of photography didn't include photographs that triggered a strong reaction in him. Yet strangely the photographs chosen for his book weren't all Simpsons stills #stanleythoughts
My #stanleythoughts dataing profiel
Career: None
Interests: None
Hobbies: None
Causes: None
"No many memories"
Smoker: Go to hell
Children: Fuck you
Cat(s): None
Star sign: #stanleythoughts
It's AMERICA we speak AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE here go speak star sign on a star
I'm outraged by the behavior I witnessed among my fellow CPAC attendees.

I'm an advocate of traditional families and there is no room for me in this G-dless Republican Party.

By "traditional families" I mean those not being pummeled by a climate-linked superdisaster. Queer families are great. But I believe G-d created families to be a unit of cohabitation and love, not a unit of cohabitation and love and being swept away by currents. It's "Adam and whoever Adam loves," not "Adam and whoever Adams loves and a mudslide." Read your weather station data!

Monsieur m’a ghosté. Je ne reçois pas ses pubs. Il ne lit pas mes pubs.

#stanleythoughts #bricolage
If you look out the left side of the plane
You will see a drive-in movie
Now could one of you tell those jerks on TripAdvisor that we do have in-flight movies
And you know you're always welcome to carry on a film strip and hold it up to the reading light even below 10,000 feet
Here's a film strip right here:
I've been volunteering down at the children's hospital
I walk into each room with a trained dog
And have the dog secretly operate
Just so I have more kids to visit
It's a lot more fun than when the children visit the adult hospital and double bill
(They all have a master's double billing at the MGH college of health sciences)
Or when ordinary people visiting the celebrity hospital to tell their favorite stars they're being let down
I've been volunteering down at the airline, entertaining business travelers.
Keeping them in my #stanleythoughts
The TV played an ad. Who won? Consumers, who learn about exciting new products like Coca Cola and Catholicism.

Passive learning is no fun. Manipulate don't tell.

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