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The Scott Warren affair shows how far fascists will go to deny the humanity of the demonized group.

Giving water to the thirsty can get you 20 years in prison. At least this man will never question the rightness of his actions. In that regard, he’s as safe as a political prisoner in tsarist Russia #smashthefash Have you spit on an ICE agent today(if you’re privileged enough to do that)

#seize-pgande #seize-eversource
America was less less divided before people divided it by trying to make me aware of its racial divisions #stanleythoughts
The issues I have about Warren as a policymaker are not the issues she talks about but the issues she dreams about.
Hippies hop in their PT Cruisers.
Wish I could smoke cigarettes so I could have done the Hermain Cain video blowing smoke thing during my "video silent portrait" during the women's march.
Starting off my French presentation with "I think most people here are more comfortable with English so I will give my final presentation in English.
The students were demonstrating to have their heads bashed in by cops and the cops satisfied their demand right there on the spot.
Veblen in The Engineers and the Price System was right about how difficult it is to organize 1000 engineers across industries. Just ground the planes and absentee owners will hand over the means of production just so they can get back into the embrace of those friendly skies. #stanleythoughts
How do I sleep at night? Naked on a pile of beautiful dirty laundry. I hate laundry day because then I sleep naked on the ground. But I’m a nudist so I rarely have to do laundry. #stanleythoughts
Interesting to learn about the different traditions people have when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

In Spain, they have a "shitting uncle."

In traditional Carnival cruise ship cultures, they have -- instead of Jack Frost -- Jack Norovirus who makes the good children vomiters and the bad children vomitees. #stanleythoughts
Why don't they make duck tales for adults? It's not like we don't all know that ducks get high, ducks like to party, ducks get it on
"école normale supérieure paris-saclay"
is like "the los angeles angles at anaheim"
the handful of billionaires pillaging the earth are the only ones with good culture and values that's why they're rich their daddies were present #stanleythoughts
in space women can experience "zero gravitas" for only men are gravitastic
-- our sexist media #stanleythoughts
Trying really hard to ensure that among all the 7.5 billion people in the world
with their trillions of #stanleythoughts
I set the lowest expectations for myself
I'm super ambitious
I am going to kidnap your son. Give me $10,000 if you never want to see him abducted by me again. As proof of good will, we will send you the sort of envelope we would use to mail you his toe just to prove that we have him. #stanleythoughts
that's one small sports bar for man
one giant sportsbar for mankind
how do i debug a mattress
my parents taught me to cover my mouth while brushing
and to cover my mouth while emitting #stanleythoughts
We went to Washington in peace just to threaten women’s lives. And now our phones are full of messages! So much for the tolerant left. #stanleythoughts
Why not get MEXICO to pay off our student loans instead of this stupid wall #stanleythoughts
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I started my own religion with my bare hands.
I started my own street gang with my own two hands.
I started my own midcareer master's with my teeth
Protect your teeth. You need them to rip open bags of potato chips. Your country needs you to open its chip bags.
Telling the bank teller "i have a gun back at my dad's ranch. please open your vault and give me all your #stanleythoughts in unmarked #stanleythoughts only small thoughts first" is apparently NOT how you should flirt, it IS how you get yourself taken to court, which is flirting mecca, right judge?
Why do bad things keep happening to the kids we kidnap and cage? #stanleythoughts
Tim Berne can survive in the jungle or tundra or desert or taiga
With just his saxophone
I'm serious he could do it
Without any McDo's or grocery stores
Subsisting off those sweet fluid lines
Even with the stimulus and declining denominator, investment fell sharply in the US during the Great Recession, falling to below 20% of GDP. Investment in China rose from like 40% of GDP to nearly half for several years. In Greece the number fell to 12%. Maybe the Chinese should consume more! Maybe the US and Greece need a Green New Deal. Maybe we shouldn't all write these dumb takes about how "the world" is getting better thanks to "capitalism." #stanleythoughts
we could get russia to pay for the wall in exchange for our pulling out of nato
we could get shrek to convince us we don't need a wall because we are loved and special and we had the wall inside us all along in exchange for pulling out of shrek
we could get mexico to pay for #stanleythoughts
c'mon amlo
don't think that maga teen was hopped up on hormones
it don't think the endocrine gland was involved at all
it must have been the ku klux gland

what gland emits your #stanleythoughts? let's talk shop #process #diy #fun
the heart screams fire in a crowded theater when it wants
what's more absurd:
bob deleo's 45k pay hike
or piers morgan's having a job in broadcasting?
i can't keep up with reality
Going to the neoliberal sellout accomodationist WOMEN'S MARCH PARIS tomorrow
to advocate for the concept of the sun
is that too intersectionalist though? #stanleythoughts
Sure of course I think we should help the DESERVING blind
But what about those blind people who just read that blind people have better hearing and wondered whether it would feel better when they jerked off if after they looked directly at the eclipse for ten minutes
I stopped listening to music and podcasts and now I listen only to CrossroadsGPS ads against Elizabeth Warren.
They tell me to call her and tell her we need jobs not intellectual theories and radical protests.
And she responds: I support tbe Green New Deal, which would guarantee a middle-class job to anyone who wants one.
But we need jobs (ie, fiscal and monetary policy that "soundly" cause mass unemployment when rich people's Will.I.Am mood rings are showing bad vibes and also when their vibes are good) not intellectual theories and radical protests.
Finally, all those submarine films I watched with my dad have paid off.

I now hear a Hollywoodified "sonar" sound effect in my head everywhere I go and when I play it more slowly and with a hint of reverb it sounds like aliens are about to abduct me because aliens communicate with sonar in space #stanleythoughts
Don't go back in time to kill baby Hitler.
Go back in time and load up his iPod with Ben Shapiro podcasts.
He'll go, "Damn, this guy thinks I'm a pretty great baby I must be doing something wrong." And he'll change his ways. #stanleythoughts
I had a dream that I was an airline pilot and I got so caught up in the v a p o r w a v e aesthetic I totally forgot I was piloting an airliner and that hundreds of people were depending on me for their safety and then I started watching the game and that's what pilots do on their summer vacation or at least that's why i did what do you mean pilots don't get summers off you mean i was supposed to be actively piloting this craft the whole summer? #stanleythoughts
History fact:

Did you know that MLK did not typically wear a birthday hat and play his kazoo during speeches, even when speeches fell around his birthday into the well? #stanleythoughts
Trump didn't write the art of the deal and he's president
I actually wrote the art of the toothbrush session and where am i?
On one of the thrilling roller coasters of cedar point!
wow, cedar point must have fun for the whole family!
no, our family has fun for cedar point. we serve cedar point and its executives and machines.
we serve #stanleythoughts
How are there 57 varieties of Heinz ketchup but only zero varieties of Coca-Cola? #stanleythoughts
proud to announce farrar strauss & giroux will publish my #stanleythoughts in 2092 (they've got a busy schedule before then rolling out books of anti-trans terfs)
nothing burger, something burger
read a book by christopher hedges
all come from the same swamp
dark web plutocracy all behind the Clinton foundation
it's all just a distraction to distract us from something you don't know something you can only get if you read a christopher hedges book
Democratic party
they all lie before congress that's what the do
what about congress lying before us
i'm getting money from a plutocrat to tell you
the lesser-known koch brothers got teased growing up for being lesser-known and that's why they grew up to be lesser-known koch brothers
give me oligarchy in bed
or give me death
you need to study military history
i'm angry but i don't have things to be angry about
i try to read the new york times and i can't get past the first letter
the rage is a different patreon level
cut through the clutter
rush lindenbaum
and then he went a commercial
everything is political
nothing is technical or neutral
everything is class war
what if your family doesn't like bread, they like lying to congress
go... show more
if i have a regret it is that i have but one life to give to my country i mean one country to give for my life
i mean my only regret is that i have but one life to give to my record collection
Mr. Gorka-chev
Tear down this sick bass line
Seb: on it
All these dumbass #resistance liberals
Don't they see that "obstruction" is but the highest form of resistance?
Don't they see that what they've been seeking is Trump all along?
That they change they seek is the change they've been preventing?
Stop this "If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you" crap, everyone knows trolls, rentiers, IP trolls, and the public own bridges.

Instead say, "If you believe that, I've got tickets to a luxury Bahamian music festival to sell you." #stanleythoughts
I applaud the work that Robert Mueller is doing.

It's a good backup if Trump and his administration are not convicted in the Hague. Trump brand suicide pills are the best suicide pills. A smoother, more comfortable, more mentholated suicide. "We won't stiff you in stiffing you, ie, turning you into a stiff. That's the Trump promise. There is always an exit. You don't have to be here because you have this highly trusted, dependable suicide pill that won't just maim you and make your life worse, it will end it entirely."

Engineers need to know HISTORY and the CIVIL WAR to be better humans.
Yes we should all read Frederick Douglass. And lots of other great primary sources. But Frederick Douglass is one of the best writers and chroniclers of the human condition ever full stop and his nonfiction is worthy purely based on how it describes the great house (autobiography book 3) and what it means etc. This stuff happens to tell us a lot about cruelty of an institution but also about ourselves.

Was Abraham Lincoln any less of a human because he didn't know the six causes of the Civil War according to the sixth grade history state standards? He was some dipshit who thought it was just slavery.

Was Plutarch any less of a human because he couldn't list the years in which the Civil War took place?

Was William Jefferson Clinton any less of a human because he couldn't list the three biggest battles in the Civil War?

Yes they all were less human and our technology should kill them first #stanleythoughts
I predicted Klobuchar would run when I saw the speech she was giving to us New Hampshire Hillary canvassers I’m 2016. She is not as boring as people say but she is not on the progressive wing and so I won’t vote for her in the primary. I always vote for the most left candidate who can win. I will vote for Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders if he enters the race. If Trotsky declares and polls well I’ll support him but a New Deal Democrat with much better but still far from great foreign policy views is a big step in the right direction. I will vote from Michigan for the Democratic nominee. I probably won’t focus on birddogging candidates or working for a primary campaign this time around. I birddogged for campaign finance reform and against the inhumane immigrant detention profiteers who’ve only grown more cruel and powerful under Trump and knocked doors and made calls for Bernie in 2015-2016. I also protested outside debates and that’s where the photo of Vermin’s toothbrush I posted came from. #stanleythoughts
When you ask me about my “desert island discs” I must first ask you, what are the parties like on this desert island? What’s the music scene like in general? Do you get a lot of major touring bands passing through or is it more of a local scene?"

C’mon everyone knows the best band is Babkas

@StⒶnley (((Toothbrush))) IV IV - You misspelled Abba…

“Ants to the Moon is the 1994 release by the coolest party band in America.” – Allmusic.com’s Thom Jurek on Babkas, a jazz group, not some band “Abba” that plays not-jazz. You seriously expect me to listen to that coolest party band in not-America, if they even are the coolest party band in not-America?!

Also Abba is a quartet not a trio like Babkas. You know what they say, “many hands make light work.” I’m not going to listen to that light music. I want to watch light, Music.

If I have but one regret it's that I didn't listen to enough sun city girls
the cops kept civil asset forfeiting my sun city girls cds
to pay the aliens for the protection racket
kind of like how people buy saber tooth tigers for traditional medical healing because they're distressed about all the cats in their home killing the snakes that kill the mice that were introduced to alleviate the cheese problem
i'm going to open source everything
even my teeth
I've had enough of deep-cut google images results for "'pizza hut' + 'pyramid'"
from now on I'm going to base all my live video improvisation to hotel elevator slide shows that tell you about what tv channel to go to see conference room availability #stanleythoughts
Guys I'm not sharing CAT pictures, I'm sharing RUG AND CARPET pictures that happen to have cats in them, get your minds out of the gutter #diy #home #flooring #stanleythoughts
My favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is to hop on a plane at LAX to go see the Museum of Beverage Containers in Nashville, TN. #stanleythoughts
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