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How many unarmed people were shot by police in the past 12 months?

Answer: 28.
How many were black?
Answer: 9.
How many were white?
Answer: 19.

Just saying.
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COVID19 mortality per capita by state

Here's a silly graph by Richard
with a
serious point. States with longer names tend to have higher covid19 mortality.
Of course no one believes there's anything about the length of a state's name
that should impact the health of its residents. The correlation is real, but
it's a coincidence.

The variation between mortality in different states is really large. Something
caused that, though not the length of the names. But here 's the kicker:
you may come up with an explanation that's much more plausible than length of
name, and be just as wrong. Discovering causation is hard work, much harder
than looking for correlations.


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COVID19 mortality per capita by state

John D. Cook: COVID19 mortality per capita by state

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How to Lie with Statistics (in this case Police statistics)

Michael Rupp - 2020-06-29 21:05:54 GMT
This is a good post for the @Stock Picking Discussion forum because every #Investment decision is based in #Statistics for the purpose of limiting #Risk. Said another way, finding facts to predict outcomes, or at least to predict what can't happen. However, as was made famous by this quote, …Mark Twain wrote:

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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #art, #boardgames, #books, #gaming, #horses, #movies, #python, #statistics, and #zoo. Looking forward to this new adventure!

Randomization audit


"How would you go about drawing a random sample?"

I thought that was kind of a silly question. I was in my first probability
class in college, and the professor started the course with this. You just
take a sample, right?

As with many things in life, it gets more complicated when you get down to
business. Random sample of what? Sampled according to what distribution? What
kind of constraints are there?

How would you select a random sample of your employees in a way that you could
demonstrate was not designed to include any particular employee? How can you
not only be fair, but convince people who may not understand probability that
you were fair?

When there appear to be patterns in your random selections, how can you decide
whether there has been an error or whether the results that you... Show more...
Hi 🙋‍♂️
How are you people tonight?
Just a #question : where can I find #statistics about how many #users are using at least one #service from the #fediverse❓
May that be #Mastodon🐘, #Friendica🐝, #Peertube 🦅 or anything else, or various at the same time?

My goals is tobshow how many people we are on other networks since I am also an "insider" from the Fediverse to the Centroverse.

And I trying to make a difference and make people feel like they want to exit that Centroverse and see the potential of the Fediverse.
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Automatic data reweighting

Suppose you are designing an autonomous system that will gather data and
adapt its behavior to that data.

At first you face the so-called cold-start
You don’t have any data when you first turn the system on, and yet the
system needs to do something before it has accumulated data. So you
prime the pump by having the system act at first on what you believe to
be true prior to seeing any data.

Now you face a problem. You initially let the system operate on
assumptions rather than data out of necessity, but you’d like to go by
data rather than assumptions once you have enough data. Not just some
data, but enough data. Once you have a single data point, you have
some data, but you can hardly expect a system to act reasonably based
on one datum.

Rather than abruptly moving... Show more...
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Bayes theorem, and making probability intuitive, plus, The quick proof of Bayes' theorem

Damn, this 3Blue1Brown guy is The Shit when it comes to #Teaching #Mathematics!

To become a more #Professional #Unbiased #Thinker, you're going to want to make sure you already understand this type of #Logic & #Statistics.

Part 1

Bayes theorem, and making probability intuitive

Part 2

The quick proof of Bayes' theorem

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#climatecrisis ? Really?


The Australian wildfires are tragic.But they have been exploited in the climate debate as unprecedented and near-proof...

Posted by Bjørn Lomborg on Saturday, 18 January 2020

Facebook: Bjørn Lomborg (Bjørn Lomborg)

Средняя зарплата в городах Китая на средину 2018 года (RMB).
На первом месте Пекин с суммой эквивалентной рублёвому эквиваленту 95 тыс. руб. Далее идут Шанхай и Шэньчжень.
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Understanding #Statistics with Antony Davies - YouTube http://bit.ly/2QXpEY1

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he #ArtificialIntelligence (AI) craze is being used as an excuse or as a pretext for granting loads of #patents on #mathematics and #statistics (maths and stats aren’t permissible or eligible for #patent coverage)
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The Washington Post offers a very narrow definition of sex

The continued and implied assumptions of this Washington Post piece are that sex is necessarily between people and is good in the absolute. However, these assumptions critically don't include any notion of consent nor sexual happiness.

How many of the reported sexless people truly are sexually unhappy/frustrated? I've seen #pornography availability being "blamed" for the rise of sexless young people, but what if pornography is enough for some people? Instead of being coerced into necessarily shallow relationships they don't need just to satisfy their sexual desires?

#sexuality #statistics #happiness

- The Washington Post

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Stressed women are more likely to give birth to a girl, study finds

If you're looking for a #Upbeat #Happy #News #Story to talk about at the water cooler, this #Interesting #Podcast might just do the trick.

They have #Statistics to show the #Correlation, they have #Hypothesis to connect plausible & likely functional relationships betw... Show more...
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Episode 597: That Time We Shorted America, Part One

I'm posting this to @Stock Picking Discussion because it's informative but woefully wrong due to omissions in reporting about what #Shorting #Stocks is all about. They are #Mathematically correct when they talk about having no theoretical maximum amount you can lose if things go the wrong way. They are terribly wrong in reporting as if there isn't a responsible reason for shorting securities. If you only listen to the embedded podcast below, you would wrongly assume that shorting is just gambling and dangerous gambling at that. That can be true but is not normally the case.

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Teaching algorithmic ethics requires an open approach
https://opensource.com/open-organization/19/6/future-ethical-tech-edu-open perpetuates the "hey hi!!" BS. #ai #surveillance #discrimination #statistics #algorithms

I'm having what she's having.

Thanks, @anonymiss for your stream.
MORE #CHILDREN WERE SHOT DEAD IN 2017 THAN ON-DUTY #POLICE OFFICERS... #MILITARY #STUDY #research #violence #death #kill #guns #usa #news #danger #statistics #kids #youth #health #teenager #security #problem
Shelenn Ayres - 2019-03-24 21:07:05 GMT
@Progressive Refuge
https://despora.de/u/anonymiss" target="_blank" class="shared-userinfo"> https://social.isurf.ca/photo/84863508285abbc0bd1d911132875604-5.png?ts=1542344843" height="32" width="32">
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the monetary system is defect/kaputt - 1990-2017 self-employment rate in percent and 2016-2017 statistics - self-employed company defaults in Europe


small entrepreneurs being able to pursuit their idea are essential for the creativity of an economy – established big companies are like big ships: they are pretty hard to change and adapt – so it is no “wonder” that the big US but also German car manufacturers are in serious trouble over the lack of allowed creativity.

Apple, Google all these companies started out in garage size – provided the funding – they... Show more...
После смены руководства в Росстате продолжаются масштабные фальсификации статистических данных по экономической ситуации в России.
Кстати, они официально заявили "об изменении м... Show more...

Lies, Damned Lies, and #STEM #Statistics - Quillette • http://bit.ly/2ET7IYr

Lies, Damned Lies, and STEM Statistics

Quillette: Lies, Damned Lies, and STEM Statistics - Quillette


Some statistics about contacts on libranet.de

I was wondering how many feeds are imported on the node. So I did some queries on the contact table.

Number of total contacts per network type:

Network protocols:
Diaspora (dspr) 56880
ActivityPub (apub) 29448
OStatus (stat) 23568
Friendica (dfrn) 8181
RSS/Atom (feed) 1606
E-Mail (mail) 35

Network connectors:
Twitter (twit) 232867
Pump.io (pump) 158
StatusNet (stac) 1

I'm really surprised about the huge number of Twitter contacts. And I'm also surprised about the pretty low number of feed contacts. I expected a lot more than that. And I didn't expect that someone is really using the email protocol support. Interesting.

#libranet #friendica #statistics @Libranet Support

últimos tres meses, minutos de exercicio por semana

Building up fitness

hoxe non estou moi animado, por outros asuntos, pero quixera compartir por aquí esta imaxe


onde se ve a evolución nos últimos tres meses, sempre en aumento, dos "minutos de intensidade" por semana que contabilizou o garmin.
Creo que por "intensidade" entende calquer "adestramento feito", algo que che faga subir o pulso, incluso correndo a ritmo MAF ou facendo rodillo na bici.
De calquer xeito, o que quería mostrar é a evolución de cara as carreiras de primavera

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Dose finding != dose escalation

You’ll often hear Phase I dose-finding trials referred to as dose
studies. This is because simple dose-finding methods can
only explore in one direction: they can only escalate.

Three-plus-three rule

The most common dose finding method is the 3+3 rule. There are
countless variations on this theme, but the basic idea is that you give
a dose of an experimental drug to three people. If all three are OK, you
go up a dose next time. If two out of three are OK, you give that dose
again. If only one out of three is OK, you stop [1].

Deterministic thinking

The 3+3 algorithm implicitly assumes deterministic thinking, at least in
part. The assumption is that if three out of three patients respond
well, we know the dose is safe [2].

If you increase the dose level and the next three patients experience
adverse events,... Show more...

Normal approximation to Laplace distribution?

I heard the phrase “normal approximation to the Laplace distribution”
recently and did a double take. The normal distribution does not
approximate the Laplace!

Normal and Laplace distributions

A normal distribution has the familiar bell curve shape. A Laplace
distribution, also known as a double exponential distribution, it
pointed in the middle, like a pole holding up a circus tent.

.size-medium width="500"}

A normal distribution has very thin tails, i.e. probability density
drops very rapidly as you move further from the middle, like exp(-x²).
The Laplace distribution has moderate tails [1], going to zero
like exp(-|x|).

So normal and Laplace distributions are qua... Show more...
После недавней смены руководителя в Росстате в России внезапно обнаружился рекордный рост экономики.
И если предыдущие данные, где никакого роста, можно сказать, что не было, уж обосн... Show more...
После недавней смены руководителя в Росстате в России внезапно обнаружился рекордный рост экономики.
И если предыдущие данные, где никакого роста, можно сказать, что не было, уж обосн... Show more...
Every now and then I come across an argument that #Fediverse #statistics are irrelevant, easily spoofed, etc. This is true, as well as the opt-in nature of the stats.

People look at numbers and jump to conclusions. This thread about Friendica biggest node reminds me of a recent Pleroma user spike, also made by a single server which evidently created a lot of bot accounts for its own purposes.
User numbers, even active user numbers are not reliable indicators.

So the only interesting numbers (and the only useful, for newcomers searching where to register) are servers. But so many servers fail to register because they misconfigured something, or perhaps some NodeInfo old version, or else. Ehh. :/

Statistics Done Wrong

by Alex Reinhart If you’re a practicing scientist, you probably use statistics to analyze your data. From basic t tests and standard error calculations to Cox proportional hazards models and…
Article word count: 216

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19038374
Posted by lawlorino (karma: 129)
Post stats: Points: 186 - Comments: 12 - 2019-01-30T19:27:10Z

\#HackerNews #done #statistics #wrong
Article content:

by [1]Alex Reinhart

If you’re a practicing scientist, you probably use statistics to analyze you... Show more...

Pres. Trump: Voter Fraud is Rampant All Over the Country Citing Texas Stats


#all #america #california #citing #country #fraud #maga #non citizen voters #non citizens #oan newsroom #over #pres #president #president donald trump #president trump #rampant #register #register to vote #statistics #stats #texas #texas secretary of state #trump #united states #united states of america #vote #voter #voter fraud #voter fraud texas #voter identification
Pres. Trump: Voter Fraud is Rampant All Over the Country Citing Texas Stats
♲ Jim Feig (105854477836714634695@plus.google.com):
The FBI Says Its Photo Analysis Is Scientific Evidence. Scientists Disagree. — ProPublica https://www.propublica.org/article/with-photo-analysis-fbi-lab-continues-shaky-forensic-science-practices -via Flynx#crime #decades #defendants #unproven #techniques #unit #doubts #units #methods #baseless #image #doubtsabouttheunitsmethods #bureaus #statistics

Pres. Trump lists border statistics, asks Democrats to come back to the table


#asks #back #border #border security #come #democrats #enhanced border security #immigration policy reform #lists #oan newsroom #pres #president trump #statistics #table #trump #twitter saturday
Pres. Trump lists border statistics, asks Democrats to come back to the table
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