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he #ArtificialIntelligence (AI) craze is being used as an excuse or as a pretext for granting loads of #patents on #mathematics and #statistics (maths and stats aren’t permissible or eligible for #patent coverage)
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The Washington Post offers a very narrow definition of sex

The continued and implied assumptions of this Washington Post piece are that sex is necessarily between people and is good in the absolute. However, these assumptions critically don't include any notion of consent nor sexual happiness.

How many of the reported sexless people truly are sexually unhappy/frustrated? I've seen #pornography availability being "blamed" for the rise of sexless young people, but what if pornography is enough for some people? Instead of being coerced into necessarily shallow relationships they don't need just to satisfy their sexual desires?

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- The Washington Post

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Stressed women are more likely to give birth to a girl, study finds

If you're looking for a #Upbeat #Happy #News #Story to talk about at the water cooler, this #Interesting #Podcast might just do the trick.

They have #Statistics to show the #Correlation, they have #Hypothesis to connect plausible & likely functional relationships betw... Show more...
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Episode 597: That Time We Shorted America, Part One

I'm posting this to @Stock Picking Discussion because it's informative but woefully wrong due to omissions in reporting about what #Shorting #Stocks is all about. They are #Mathematically correct when they talk about having no theoretical maximum amount you can lose if things go the wrong way. They are terribly wrong in reporting as if there isn't a responsible reason for shorting securities. If you only listen to the embedded podcast below, you would wrongly assume that shorting is just gambling and dangerous gambling at that. That can be true but is not normally the case.

The #... Show more...
Teaching algorithmic ethics requires an open approach
https://opensource.com/open-organization/19/6/future-ethical-tech-edu-open perpetuates the "hey hi!!" BS. #ai #surveillance #discrimination #statistics #algorithms

I'm having what she's having.

Thanks, @anonymiss for your stream.
MORE #CHILDREN WERE SHOT DEAD IN 2017 THAN ON-DUTY #POLICE OFFICERS... #MILITARY #STUDY #research #violence #death #kill #guns #usa #news #danger #statistics #kids #youth #health #teenager #security #problem
Shelenn Ayres - 2019-03-24 21:07:05 GMT
@Progressive Refuge
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the monetary system is defect/kaputt - 1990-2017 self-employment rate in percent and 2016-2017 statistics - self-employed company defaults in Europe


small entrepreneurs being able to pursuit their idea are essential for the creativity of an economy – established big companies are like big ships: they are pretty hard to change and adapt – so it is no “wonder” that the big US but also German car manufacturers are in serious trouble over the lack of allowed creativity.

Apple, Google all these companies started out in garage size – provided the funding – they... Show more...
После смены руководства в Росстате продолжаются масштабные фальсификации статистических данных по экономической ситуации в России.
Кстати, они официально заявили "об изменении м... Show more...

Lies, Damned Lies, and #STEM #Statistics - Quillette • http://bit.ly/2ET7IYr

Lies, Damned Lies, and STEM Statistics

Quillette: Lies, Damned Lies, and STEM Statistics - Quillette


Some statistics about contacts on libranet.de

I was wondering how many feeds are imported on the node. So I did some queries on the contact table.

Number of total contacts per network type:

Network protocols:
Diaspora (dspr) 56880
ActivityPub (apub) 29448
OStatus (stat) 23568
Friendica (dfrn) 8181
RSS/Atom (feed) 1606
E-Mail (mail) 35

Network connectors:
Twitter (twit) 232867
Pump.io (pump) 158
StatusNet (stac) 1

I'm really surprised about the huge number of Twitter contacts. And I'm also surprised about the pretty low number of feed contacts. I expected a lot more than that. And I didn't expect that someone is really using the email protocol support. Interesting.

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últimos tres meses, minutos de exercicio por semana

Building up fitness

hoxe non estou moi animado, por outros asuntos, pero quixera compartir por aquí esta imaxe


onde se ve a evolución nos últimos tres meses, sempre en aumento, dos "minutos de intensidade" por semana que contabilizou o garmin.
Creo que por "intensidade" entende calquer "adestramento feito", algo que che faga subir o pulso, incluso correndo a ritmo MAF ou facendo rodillo na bici.
De calquer xeito, o que quería mostrar é a evolución de cara as carreiras de primavera

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Dose finding != dose escalation

You’ll often hear Phase I dose-finding trials referred to as dose
studies. This is because simple dose-finding methods can
only explore in one direction: they can only escalate.

Three-plus-three rule

The most common dose finding method is the 3+3 rule. There are
countless variations on this theme, but the basic idea is that you give
a dose of an experimental drug to three people. If all three are OK, you
go up a dose next time. If two out of three are OK, you give that dose
again. If only one out of three is OK, you stop [1].

Deterministic thinking

The 3+3 algorithm implicitly assumes deterministic thinking, at least in
part. The assumption is that if three out of three patients respond
well, we know the dose is safe [2].

If you increase the dose level and the next three patients experience
adverse events,... Show more...

Normal approximation to Laplace distribution?

I heard the phrase “normal approximation to the Laplace distribution”
recently and did a double take. The normal distribution does not
approximate the Laplace!

Normal and Laplace distributions

A normal distribution has the familiar bell curve shape. A Laplace
distribution, also known as a double exponential distribution, it
pointed in the middle, like a pole holding up a circus tent.

.size-medium width="500"}

A normal distribution has very thin tails, i.e. probability density
drops very rapidly as you move further from the middle, like exp(-x²).
The Laplace distribution has moderate tails [1], going to zero
like exp(-|x|).

So normal and Laplace distributions are qua... Show more...
После недавней смены руководителя в Росстате в России внезапно обнаружился рекордный рост экономики.
И если предыдущие данные, где никакого роста, можно сказать, что не было, уж обосн... Show more...
После недавней смены руководителя в Росстате в России внезапно обнаружился рекордный рост экономики.
И если предыдущие данные, где никакого роста, можно сказать, что не было, уж обосн... Show more...
Every now and then I come across an argument that #Fediverse #statistics are irrelevant, easily spoofed, etc. This is true, as well as the opt-in nature of the stats.

People look at numbers and jump to conclusions. This thread about Friendica biggest node reminds me of a recent Pleroma user spike, also made by a single server which evidently created a lot of bot accounts for its own purposes.
User numbers, even active user numbers are not reliable indicators.

So the only interesting numbers (and the only useful, for newcomers searching where to register) are servers. But so many servers fail to register because they misconfigured something, or perhaps some NodeInfo old version, or else. Ehh. :/

Statistics Done Wrong

by Alex Reinhart If you’re a practicing scientist, you probably use statistics to analyze your data. From basic t tests and standard error calculations to Cox proportional hazards models and…
Article word count: 216

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19038374
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Article content:

by [1]Alex Reinhart

If you’re a practicing scientist, you probably use statistics to analyze you... Show more...

Pres. Trump: Voter Fraud is Rampant All Over the Country Citing Texas Stats


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Pres. Trump: Voter Fraud is Rampant All Over the Country Citing Texas Stats
♲ Jim Feig (105854477836714634695@plus.google.com):
The FBI Says Its Photo Analysis Is Scientific Evidence. Scientists Disagree. — ProPublica https://www.propublica.org/article/with-photo-analysis-fbi-lab-continues-shaky-forensic-science-practices -via Flynx#crime #decades #defendants #unproven #techniques #unit #doubts #units #methods #baseless #image #doubtsabouttheunitsmethods #bureaus #statistics

Pres. Trump lists border statistics, asks Democrats to come back to the table


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Pres. Trump lists border statistics, asks Democrats to come back to the table
Background music for videos: A Guide for Real Estate Agents


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Background music for videos: A Guide for Real Estate Agents

Why are dates of service on HIPAA’s Safe Harbor list?

.size-medium width="439" height="293"}

The HIPAA Privacy Rule offers two ways to say that data has been
de-identified: Safe Harbor and expert determination. This post is about
the former. I help companies with the

Safe Harbor provision

The Safe Harbor provision lists 18 categories of data that would cause a
data set to not be considered de-identified unless an expert determines
the data does not pose a significant re-identification risk.

Some of the items prohibited by Safe Harbor are obvious: telephone
number, email address, social security number, etc. Others are not so
obvious. In order for data to fall under the Safe Harbor provision, one
mus... Show more...

Israeli nationalist crimes tripled in 2018

Last year saw a steep rise in “nationalist crimes,” violence and property damage by Jews against Palestinians in the West Bank. As of mid-December, 482 such incidents had been reported, compared to 140 for 2017.

Violence by settlers and right-wing activists included beating up and throwing stones at Palestinians. More frequently, the offenses consisted of painting nationalist and anti-Arab or anti-Muslim slogans, damaging homes and cars and cutting down trees belonging to Palestinian farmers.

I should read the titles of the articles before I bookmark them for later. Although this was interesting to know, soon after the advent of a new year, but still, it was not the topic I was looking for. Anyway, read it.

Some settler leaders, as well as Education Minister Naftali Bennett, spoke out strongly against Jewish terror. But in recent months a decline in the strength of settlement figures described as “statesmanlike” can be seen.

#... Show more...
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Oh! I think we've done it. We have achieved world domination!

Statistics of the Forum node (Friendica 2018.09):

Currently this node is aware of 4073 nodes with 4297378844 registered users...


#fediverse #statistics @Friendica Support

Poverty in America: Greater Than Statistics Indicate

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Article content:

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A Guide to Statistics on Historical Trends in Income Inequality

The years from the end of World War II into the 1970s were ones of substantial economic growth and broadly shared prosperity. Beginning in the 1970s, economic growth slowed and the income gap widened.
Article word count: 5706

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18489582
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What is differential privacy?

Differential privacy is a strong form of privacy protection with a
solid mathematical definition.

Roughly speaking, a query is differentially private if it makes
little difference whether your information is included or not. This
intuitive idea can be made precise as follows.

.size-medium width="400" height="267"}

Queries and algorithms

First of a differential privacy is something that applies
to queries, not to databases. It could apply to a database if your
query is to select everything in the database, but typically you want to
run far more specific queries. Differential privacy adds noise to
protect privacy, and the broader the query, the more noise must be
added, so typically you want queries to be mor... Show more...
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2018 Election Day: Live Coverage And Results

Biometric security and hypothesis testing

A few weeks

I wrote about how there are many ways to summarize the operating
characteristics of a test. The most basic terms are accuracy, precision,
and recall, but there are many others. Nobody uses all of them. Each
application area has their own jargon.

Biometric security has its own lingo, and it doesn’t match any of
the terms in the list I gave before.

.size-medium width="501" height="264"}

False Acceptance Rate

Biometric security uses False Acceptance Rate (FAR) for the proportion
of times a system grants access to an unauthorized person. In
statistical terms, FAR is Type II error. Also known as False Match
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Разгадка оказалась простой.
Собственно, это ещё раз подтверждает факт что в России не только не растут, но снижаются доходы населения.
Подтверждением этого является и ... Show more...

Canonical Launch #Ubuntu User #Statistics Website - OMG! Ubuntu!

Canonical Launch Ubuntu User Statistics Website

Create a culture of respect for data

fx dechaume-moncharmont (@fxdm@mamot.fr)

Create a culture of respect for data. Nice opinion paper about #ethics in #statistics. #OpenScience #OpenData #science
?Gelman, A. 2018. Ethics in statistical practice and communication: Five recommendations. Significance 15:40-43
On Saturday the Japanese cargo vessel #HTV7 was launched into space from Tanegashima, Japan. Already orbiting Earth it will arrive at the International Space Station on Thursday packed with scientific equipment and supplies for the six astronauts living 400 km above.
Next-generation life-support system heading to Space Station
#InternationalSpaceStation #ISSlocation #Europeaninvolvement #Columbus #... Show more...
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