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Though not a fan of the Party she served, nor the PM's she served under, this song is a pretty accurate statement.
Thanks, in a way, Jules!

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Hi guys!
how are we supposed to take these guys seriously?

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i don't know if this is officially Australia's No.1 funeral song, but it must be getting close.
wipes a patriotic tear
it does get one in the ghoulies. to dead compatriots! cheers.


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it's working!
https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-02-15/hopes-drought-stricken-rivers-can-be-restocked-with-fish/10814936 i think i'll have to squee. i'm sorry, but i will. SQUEE!
i hope we learn from this. we have to. dont we?

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from my upcoming best-seller "Great Lil Spew Spots of Melbourne", this light-post. In the 70's, 80's and 90's it was a friend and a companion. Many the time it gave solace and stability at a time when we'd all had way too much of all the things, the world was sliding sideways and i had really kewl shoes. And it is still there today. Staunch.

there are more light-post, but this is the best one for a little spew - not so close to the cafe at the end that you're committed to going there (just as well, bc it isnt open) but far enough along that you can't run back like a little little schoolgirl, to spew on land bc you are not gonna make it. Nor be able to run.

<3 The St Kilda Pier Light-post (at dawn. again.) <3

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from 2015 (i would give my second-born for Bracky's "The Bar")
The paahthetic state of art in oz . Socks up, lads!

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Where are Australian Artists in the Global Art Market ?
Brett Whiteley ~ etching on beautiful paper. Look at that edge...sigh..
Finally! One not by me - this is by my friend, Pam. We were printing pals. We bonded over printmaking, Brett and bubbles of all kinds esp etching ones.
Here's a nice writeup about Brett, featuring 'Marulan bird with rocks" https://www.widewalls.ch/artist/brett-whiteley/

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Burning Mountain, NSW

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oh. vale Prince Leonard. Thankyou for showing us that no-one's the bossa us (if we dont want them to be) <3

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"We'll see boats!" Peter Dutton, the great brussels sprout, said. We're on an island. There is always going to be boats -__-

"This is a watershed moment in Australian political history – because the 15-year trajectory of cruelty towards asylum seekers has ended. We thank the millions of people across this country who have fought so long for this victory and remember those people who have died in our name, that this bill would have saved." ~ Getup

"Today we saw politics at its best with MPs across the floor working together to ensure a humane solution. The current medical transfer system is broken. People needing urgent medical assistance have severely deteriorated and even died. Notably, the coroner found that the death of young man Hamid Khazaei was caused by medical failure and delays. We need to stop risking lives. We now call on the Senate to pass this bill as soon as possible." ~ Human Rig... show more
The Greater Western District of Victoria (oz)

Is This Where You Live ~ The Church. A band i liked so much i became pregnant

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now, before we go too far on my rightfully-earnt title of Queen of the Fucking Universe (originally given to me via coffee-cup, by an ex), i should state that i have done blackface. oh yes. One of the 13 schools i attended had a koori girl (one) in the same class as i. To make her feel right at home, the nun decided we'd do a Native Dance for the whole school and parents (choreographed by her white Christian self) telling the Legend of the Brolga. All us little pinkies got our faces covered in burnt cork and got to wear floaty frocks and wave ribbons while our schoolmate sat cross-legged in the middle of the stage, flipping strips of cellophane to simulate a fire. i'm sure it made her feel real special
(even we kids knew it was weird)

Special Treatment with some nice people saying nice things about Paul Kelly
(Kutcha! \m/)

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dont mess with the megafauna (as well as other more important messages)


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An ABC "Christmas Special" featured the former Prime Minister and his lovely christmas tree - maan, we're whipping through them :) we may get another in March! or May - depends when ScoMo Ono (he wrecked the band, maan) decides he's up to facing defeat. 2019 is going to be the year of the #Democracy-Sausage! if you have a hankering to be the leader of a large desert island, cmon down - we can easily fit you into a leadership spill bw March and May.

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Girl on swing at Folly Point, with view to Warringah Lodge, Cremorne Point and Sydney harbour in distance behind
State Library of New South Wales

Katherine Murray commd,
It's not Cremorne Point in the background. We currently own Warringah Lodge. In the distance behind would be what is now Bay St Mosman. Northbridge would be on the left hand side of this photo
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i found him! the festivus-for-the-rest-us day demon :D he was ace. lots of hissing.
the bronze sculptures in the bg are "Three Businessmen Who Brought Their Own Lunch" by Alison Weaver and Paul Quinn; corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets

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11th November: Remberance Day, end of WW1 - Ned Kelly was hanged - Rupert decided to end his own battle and got Lillibet to dismiss our government. "God save the Queen, for nothing can save the Governor-General" nor did.

by The Clash, 1980

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November 11th, 1975

Guuguuburra ~ the sound of human laughter
"Kookaburra" was taken from the Wiradjuri word that describes the bird's call. Kookaburra's job is to signal the sky gods to light the sun each morning. It's said that if you're alone when you hear a Kooka, it means someone is missing you and you should go and be with loved ones. If a Kooka laughs at a gathering, it's a reminder to appreciate those you think of with love.
They also kill snek.
this pic is from April, 2013, with a bit of fake-HD business applied

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a possum is making it's possumy noise. it's hilarious, esp for people who are in their beds in an old house and have never heard it before. There was one in the wall, the first night here. Scared the bejingoes out of this little sceptic!
this noise
what an amazing evolutionary step. you can see how that would be attractive to someone.

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this is a track to a lava channel

lava tube! wanna go in? fok nooo.

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by the by, our leaders who luurve the coal did this earlier on, last year. colour us all surprised!
"From 2018, funding is axed entirely."
haha aren't they a hoot? ^^ just so we know how dedicated they are to "Orstraayan jobs and Orstraayan People and Growing Jobs (but not people) and Orstraaya! Jobs! Grow! Alacazam!. and...(mateswithmoney)"

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here is a red-rump parrot. it has it's very own genus. mono. typic.
well done, little guy! he's eating capeweed - a weed that drives lawn-people around here completely spare. personally, i'd rather have parrots than lawn-people but capeweed does have a lot of downsides - that's probably why it's known as a weed. Bugger. i'd still much rather have parrots.
his lady love was in attendance but i grabbed this snap as i was leaving one car to get into another and so missed getting a pic of her. meh, she's a little dull, they say ;)'

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terrori! terrori everywhere! arrest everyone! even a top student whose handwriting does not match that given as evidence... He was held for a month. -_- there is talk of a legal suit.

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by one of my favourite artists, Fiona Hall
A Folly for Mrs Macquarie

which is not far from the much, much older Lady Macquarie's Chair

nice one, Fiona :)

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Broken Hill - walking past this with a female friend, murmuring to each other "slag".. "slag"Image/photo

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in case anyone wants to bookmark in readiness for the coming Victorian State election, or election of your choosing.

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lots n lots of Dreamtime stories of how things came to be

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wildlife seen today, wildlife-ing about: roo, wallaby (far more polite and traffic-wise than roos), pheasant, deer, emu, echidna, galah and this little guy being all sexually dimorphic
the Splendid Fairy-wren . Splendid.
not so splendid: my camera didnt have a card in it. Still, it enjoyed the drive.

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Sex and the Birds: 8. Splendid Fairy-wren, monogamous and promiscuous
ROFLing Harisses - we're having a leadership spill, whatdya know! "and here's comes the Doctor in his 14th incarnation as the Australian Prime Minister". It's a Liberal Party spill. They do that. They hate each other! And at least two of them are lizards. One bites onions for no reason. The other is looking puretty chipper atm.
hah! more popcorn needed.

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WOOHOO! New saint coming up! This one isn't as well known as our St Mary of the Tipple (oz's first and so far only saint. Who liked a bit of a tipple).
Saint-to-be Irene
Where's our Saint Bazza of the BBQ?

oh. the place of my birth is on fire...actually, the places of lots of people's birth are on fire. Meanwhile, i'm scrabbling for wood to stay warm. So not meant to be here. Also, winter. Also also, so glad "climate change isnt real"= this mustn't be happening o.0
Sorry this isnt cropped - i'm running a live usb (see earlier post re australia being the ooonly place that calls a stick a usb :) ) without gimp

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oh yes, you saw right. Public sculpture, Warrnambool, outside a bakery a few years ago. I hope it's withstood the tribulations of Time

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we had some byelections this weekend bc some of our politicians weren't actually australian and that presented a problem. oops. they're australian now, though, and all were re-elected with greater swings to their team and awaay from the yucky people currently enjoying the comfy seats towards the front of the House. The weekend was not without it's drama! The Prime Minister was finger-waggled at by an elderly lady who spoke to him very tersely! But he spoke over her, so that put an end to that.
Turns out, we dont like people who talk over old ladies when they are waggling finger and being terse. nor having to vote again for the same result when the problem came about bc someone somewhere didn't do their fucking job and check the forms as they came in, so basically you could write any old shit on your i'm-running-for-government form, duzznmatta. goodo.
it would be nice if this momentum kept up til the next Federal election, with a doubling of seats to independents just to get the message across. So done with 2-party preferred. (we have a 2-party preferential system of vote distri... show more
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