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Les ateliers-conférences sur le numérique éthique de Genève et Lausanne se sont très bien déroulés.

Pour tous ceux qui les auraient loupés : rendez-vous demain à Fribourg ou jeudi prochain à Neuchâtel !

Toutes les infos : https://www.artisansdelatransition.org/agenda.html

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Photo : Sarah Dorweiler, Unsplash
Enkeltauglichkeit leben


man kann den Millennials viel vorwerfen, aber nicht, dass die nicht-nachhaltigen Konzepte von 1960 nicht mehr funktionieren, das ist genau was nicht-nachhaltig bedeutet: es endet

s.h. Elon Musk: „non-sustainability means it is going to end“ (src: )

der bissig böse Philosoph:

Wenn man ein bissig böser Philosoph wäre – wurde man sagen:
Wenn m
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Enkeltauglichkeit leben


man kann den Millennials viel vorwerfen, aber nicht, dass die nicht-nachhaltigen Konzepte von 1960 nicht mehr funktionieren, das ist genau was nicht-nachhaltig bedeutet: es endet

s.h. Elon Musk: „non-sustainability means it is going to end“

der bissig böse Philosoph:

Wenn man ein bissig böser Philosoph wäre – wurde man sagen:
Wenn man lange genug warten kann – erledigen sich viele Dinge (u.a. die Menschheit) von selbst
Das ist genau das was nicht-Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet – dass es Endet (Zitat Elon Musk).

was kann man tun?

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Bezahlbares Passiv Haus - Einfach Schnell Effektiv - CO2 as Resource - CO2 als Rohstoff


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What can „the West“ do?

„the West“ can start cultivating food in raised beds in towns. „the West“ can start community gardens and oblige every citizen to work their own 500m2 of land for a healthy exercise and locally grown food.

Now to the Southamerica: Brazil wants to turn all of the rain forest into agricultural land in an unsustainable „copy the west“ fashion.

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Bezahlbares Passiv Haus - Einfach Schnell Effektiv - CO2 als Rohstoff


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Resisting GMOs and Preserving Indigenous Culture in Rural Mexico
Tosepan Titataniske, which means “together we shall overcome” in the local Nahuatl language, organized, taking advantage of a national law that allows communities to zone for different land uses. With a series of technical studies and community consultations that involved up to 5,000 people, they approved their “Ecological Land-Use Zoning for the Sierra Norte of Puebla.” The plan identified areas approved for conservation, restoration, sustainable use, and protection (including the main watersheds). Mining and most other megaprojects were defined as categorically incompatible with all four zones.
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The best thing to do with old LEGO bricks

LEGO launched a pilot program called LEGO Replay, which blends sustainability with philanthropy. Families can take their old LEGOs, print a free shipping label from LEGO’s partner Give Back Box and send them away. Here’s where that durability comes into play: Give Back Box will inspect, sort, and clean the bricks, and ship them to Teach For America and Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

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Björn Schießle 🌍 🇪🇺 - 2019-11-04 11:03:14 GMT
Are you worried about your #privacy after #Google acquired #Fitbit? If you are looking for a privacy respecting alternative I can only recommend to have a look at #Gadgetbridge and chose one of the supported devices as your next wearable. https://gadgetbridge.org
Cibler les préférences des internautes : pourquoi ? 🤔

🛒 Pour les pousser à acheter 👉 voyez notre post précédent sur la publicité

📈 Pour les garder en ligne et augmenter l'utilisation de certaines plateformes

En plus des achats inutiles et polluants 🛍 quelles sont les conséquences ?

😟 Une perte d'attention

👨‍🏫 Une dégradation des capacités cognitives

📯 Une augmentations des addictions

👋 Une aliénation qui impacte les relations familiales et sociales

... Et beaucoup d'autres encore 📊

👉 Vous voulez en savoir plus ? Lisez notre article dans LeRevueDurable : https://frama.link/technologie_numerique

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Photo : Robin Worrall, Unsplash
Gidi Kroon - 2019-11-02 23:36:02 GMT
Why are Americans always talking about having to look out for things that threaten to destroy their democracy? Why don't they look back?
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-29 23:23:57 GMT
For most people in the UK the choice in the election will be between the Tories (pro-Brexit) and Labour (pro-Brexit).
Assange gets no fair trial


“They” announced it – and – they follow through.

“They” the secretive deep state of “make believe” western democracies play their full power and treat Assange like a terrorist.

What worries me most is – that – by setting an example for people that speak the truth – not only truth is silenced but “The West” can officially declare itself morally bankrupt and stop blaming dictatorships like north Korea or any other state for human rights violation.

Assange will get no fair trial in Britain and another even less fair trial in the US.

Democracy is officially dead.

Read the report from one of the

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alternative mobility - electric bikes - TT ZERO 5min less lap time on electric bike


Denny Smart Electric Bike made in Seattle:




🙈Google Self driving bikethis looks dangerous X-D (just as self driving cars already killed people not a lot but still)

and other crazy stuff:


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Quelle: https://generation-nachhaltigkeit.de/alternative-mobility-electric-bikes-tt-zero-5min-less-lap-time-on-electric-bike/
alternative mobility – electric bikes – TT ZERO 5min less lap time on electric bike
capitalism + Infinite Growth = will kill the host = cancer

superb documentary “System Error – How will capitalism end?” (Optiz, 2018)#

Image/photo Image/photo

PS: faster machines are nice – but sufficient fast machines are sufficient/enough – going faster and faster will not rescue the planet – a holistic concept for sustainable survival of life on this planet could.



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Originally posted at: https://altcoopsys.org/2019/10/26/capitalism-infinite-growth-will-kill-the-host-cancer/
capitalism + Infinite Growth = will kill the host = cancer
Moral and Spiritual Bankruptcy


2011: US to stick in crisis until new economic paradigm is found – Jesse Jackson

Racial, social and economic justice must prevail in the US’ priorities today, says one of America’s leading civil rights activists Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. ( Burns; born October 8, 1941) is an American civil rights activist, Baptist minister... Show more...

🤨🤨 QUOI ?? Oui, vous avez bien entendu. Les Artisans de la transition et LaReveuDurable vont quitter les réseaux sociaux !

MAIS POURQUOI ? Jusqu'ici, nous vous avons parlé des problèmes du numérique et avons esquissé quelques idées de solutions ...

... Mais cela ne suffira peut-être pas. Alors nous avons décidé de sortir définitivement des réseaux sociaux traditionnels 🏆🏆

Jusqu'au mois de mars nous allons continuer à vous y présenter les articles de notre nouveau numéro, qui fournit les bases de notre décision ✒️ Et après ?

👉 Ne vous inquiétez pas, nous n'allons pas sortir notre vieille machine à... Show more...
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-20 19:48:37 GMT

I also really liked the little things like the suggestion that if a kingdom has a King and a Queen, that it's the Queen's task to physically protect the realm from attackers. So long in human history people have believed the opposite.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-20 19:42:09 GMT

"When you guys try to destroy the world, it's an error in judgement. But when it's one of us, it's lock them up and throw away the key"

"We are all capable of good and bad, no matter which side of the barrier we come from"
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-19 13:05:09 GMT
I'm liking this development that all films and series coming up have #JennaOrtega in them. The film industry is finally understanding how to make quality content.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-19 13:07:48 GMT
Parliament in Britain deciding today whether to start the process of letting go of Northern Ireland. (Which would be a consequence of the current #Brexit proposal)
#overpopulation #pollution #globalwarming #climatecrisis #sustainability
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-12 12:21:51 GMT
The term Big Bang (for the theory of the beginning of the universe) was coined by somebody who didn't believe in it. All science documentaries showing some CGI explosion are perpetuating the ensuing myth.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-12 12:06:01 GMT
The Washington Post: pay a 60/year subscription and still be tracked with cookies. Pay 90/year to receive your right to privacy.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-12 17:31:58 GMT
I was re-watching #StaceyDooley Investigates - World's Worst Place to Be a Woman, from 2015. So harrowing to hear these men 'explain' that they feel they have the right to murder a woman if she doesn't listen to them, or if she has a job. That they feel it is normal for them to have five girlfriends but that their 'main' girlfriend should be faithful to them.

Gidi Kroon - 2019-10-05 20:41:22 GMT
I've seen #CloudsOfSilsMaria twice in a row now, because it's that sort of film. Amazing performances by #JulietteBinoche, #KristenStewart and #ChloëGraceMoretz, as expected. It's both about acting and about getting older.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-09-23 21:42:27 GMT
All these UK people thinking they are going to suffer from customs queues, medicine shortages, etc after #Brexit, but instead they are going to die from washed eggs.
What if we discard species and only keep the useful ones?

buff.ly/2ZXih8W #biodiversity #sustainability #nature #agriculture #envirobusiness
It's not just species: the elements themselves may soon run short ⚛⌛️

buff.ly/2N9uktf #EndangeredElements #Chemistry #PhoneChemistry #Sustainability #Future
Why Indigenous Hunting Is Essential to Forest #Sustainability
https://therevelator.org/indigenous-hunting-forest-sustainability/ "must be recognized as a key forest-management strategy."
Why Indigenous Hunting Is Essential to Forest Sustainability
Björn Schießle 🌍 🇪🇺 - 2019-08-31 06:50:37 GMT
In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Linux Magazin habe ich zusammen mit Matthias @kirschner einen Artikel zu den neuen Herausforderungen für Freie-Software-Geschäftsmodelle veröffentlicht. https://www.linux-magazin.de/ausgaben/2019/10/fsfe-standpunkt/ #FSFE #FreieSoftware #OpenSource #Geschäftsmodelle
Gidi Kroon - 2019-08-27 12:40:12 GMT
I'm blogging from my balcony! Am I now an influencer? Do I get sponsorship deals?
Gidi Kroon - 2019-08-18 20:31:45 GMT
theverge/voxmedia regarding cookies: "We are not responsible for the effectiveness of any such opt-out options"

Yes you are. I'll not be reading your site then.

#cookies #privacy
Trocatintas - 2019-08-17 15:58:27 GMT

Arctic News: The changing face of planet Earth

The inhabitants of planet Earth are in the process of destroying the habitability of their world through the perpetration of the largest mass extinction of species since 66 million years ago, when a large asteroid impacted Earth, and 55 million years since the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) reaching 5–8°C. The late Holocene-Anthropocene climate change represents an unprecedented event, triggering a fast shift in climate
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Gidi Kroon - 2019-08-14 19:04:27 GMT
Talking about actresses with gorgeous voices: before I heard #EmilyBrowning sing in this film I had no idea how beautiful her singing voice is.
Gidi Kroon - 2019-08-14 13:58:15 GMT
Some facts I like about #AncientEgypt: way back around 3000BC they introduced the term pharaoh as the gender neutral term for their ruler, since they figured women could be rulers too. That's 5000 years ago.
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