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Alex Schroeder 🐝 - 2019-08-22 17:47:17 GMT
«Every winter, beekeepers from every corner of the United States descend on California to pollinate almonds. Almonds have a window of about two weeks for pollination to occur. Otherwise, the blossoms won’t turn into fruit. The demand is so high it takes upwards of two million hives, almost every commercial beehive in the country to do the job. “This is the largest managed pollination event on earth,” explains John Miller … .»

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#Prince (Live in #Switzerland #2013 Show 1 !!!!)
#Montreux #JazzFest - Show 1
Still in front of the Purple Stage !! Jazzy, Soul & Funky !!! ;)
Move means savings of £1.7m would attract fee of £10,700 for clients in Switzerland

Swiss banks are to start charging their super-rich clients to look after their piles of cash.

UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, told its ultra-wealthy clients on Tuesday that it would introduce an annual 0.6% charge on cash savings of more than €500,000 (£461,000). The fee, to be introduced in November, rises to 0.75% on savings of more than 2m Swiss francs (£1.7m).
UBS to charge super-rich for cash deposits
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Greenland’s ice sheet shrunk more in past month than in average year, experts warn

The frozen extremities of the northern hemisphere are melting at a near-record rate as heatwaves buffet the Arctic, forest fires tear through Siberia and glaciers retreat on Greenland fjords and Alpine peaks.

Unusually high temperatures are eating into ice sheets that used to be solid throughout the year, according to glaciologists, who warn this is both an amplifying cause and effect of man-made climate disruption across the globe.
Heatwaves amplify near-record levels of ice melt in northern hemisphere
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UNRWA leadership rejects 'unreservedly' allegations of misconduct, nepotism and discrimination made in internal report. #UNRWA #MiddleEast #Palestine #Netherlands #Switzerland
Capturing Europe's changing landscapes – in pictures
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The First Report of 5G Injury from #Switzerland | Physicians for Safe #Technology
Dear Diary: Loud Humming, Lots of Pain, Nausea, No Sleep
The first reported injury of 5G in a #news report comes from #Geneva Switzerland after 5G #rollout. Symptoms of #microwave #radiation illness- Are we #guineapigs?
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The Swiss town of Vevey has staged a once-in-a-generation celebration of its winemakers, with fancy dress, alpine horns, cows and dancers kicking off a festival that dates back to the 18th century. The three-week Fête des Vignerons, which began in 1797, is held roughly every 20 years and on Thursday 5,500 locals donned costumes, wigs and makeup to take part in the gala opening
Switzerland's wine festival - in pictures
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No, #apple , you can't own the name of a fruit. You fruity fruitcakes! Go back to #trumpland and help him spy some more. http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-apple-of-discord-swiss-edition.html #switzerland #gagam #pentagon

So werden Sie Ihr AKW in 17 Schritten los

Wie man ein Atomkraftwerk baut, weiss man. Viel schwieriger ist der Abbau. Haben Sie dieses Problem? Unsere Anleitung hilft.


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Alex Schroeder 🐝 - 2019-06-23 09:27:45 GMT
ProtonMail. Switzerland. Privacy. Choose two?
I always wondered why crypto companies chose Switzerland except for tax evasion. Certainly not for privacy!
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50 years ago they could not even vote #switzerland has long been very backwards on women's rights.
Over 500,000 Women Participate in Switzerland Women’s Strike
Pair attempt to reach summit but are intercepted by police and told to turn back

Two Swiss mountaineers landed a small plane less than 400 metres from the summit of Mont Blanc before heading for the top of Europe’s tallest peak with police in pursuit.

The pair landed the aircraft 4,450 metres (14,600 feet) up the mountain in the French Alps on Tuesday in an incident described as a “provocation” by Eric Fournier, the mayor of the nearby Chamonix resort.
Mountaineers land plane 400 metres from summit of Mont Blanc
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Women in #Switzerland Strike Over Pay, Harassment https://www.truthdig.com/articles/women-in-switzerland-strike-over-pay-harassment/ they COULD NOT EVEN VOTE until about 50 YEARS ago. Hardly a "land of chocolate"...
Women in Switzerland Strike Over Pay, Harassment
Thousands march for equality across Switzerland, 38 years after gender parity, equal pay were enshrined in Constitution. #Switzerland #WomensRights #Europe #Women
Planned events include giant picnics and pram marches, culminating in demonstrations

Women across Switzerland are walking off the job and into the streets to demand wage parity, nearly three decades after staging the country’s first nationwide strike for equal pay.

Events planned throughout the day range from pram marches to whistle concerts, extended lunch breaks and giant picnics, culminating in huge demonstrations on Friday evening in several cities, including in front of the government in Bern.
Swiss women strike to demand equal pay
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The 67th Bilderberg Meeting is taking place in Montreux,Switzerland from 30 May,2 June 2019,where the about 130 invitees,so far confirmed,from 23 countries,are staying at one of Switzerland’s most luxurious venues,the Montreux Palace hotel.About a quarter of the attendees are women.
The Bilderberg meetings started at the onset of the Cold War,as a discussion club of American and European leaders,a fortification against communism,in clear text,against the Soviet Union.The first event took place in 1954 at the Bilderberg hotel in the Dutch town of Oosterbeek.Ever since,meetings of the Bilderberg Group were held annually,in different locations in the western world, most of them,though,in North America.
It’s not a coincidence that the Bilderbergers meet in Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the Group’s favored host country outside the US. Switzerland hosted their gatherings at least five times before this upcoming Montreux event (1960,Palace Hotel, Bürgenstock;1970,Grand Hotel Quellenhof,Bad Ragaz, St. Gallen;1981,Palace Hotel,Bürgenstock;1995,
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I love the story Kropotkin told of when they were in Switzerland, (though him and Bakunin never met). Some young men were talking disrespectfully about the young women.

One of the older women said, “I wish Mikhail was here to hear you talk like that” and the young men shut up.

Kropotkin remarked it was the only time he ever heard an Anarchist theoretician being trotted as out as the authority. ^^

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By Bash


Location: Neumattstrasse 3, Horw, Switzerland

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ufDClBDqDw4
Full image: Link

Via Unsplash.com

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It seems to me that such a formulation swaps the victims and rapists.
I would add that marxist ideology was designed by German-born Karl Marx and Marxist USSR was ruled by Western agents:
Image/photoivan zlax wrote the following post Mon, 03 Dec 2018 13:57:02 +0300

April 9, 1917. The warrant of Russian political émigrés of Switzerland – participants of travel through Germany is that they know the conditions of travel and they undertake to comply with them.
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Voters sign off on firearms reforms which the government said was crucial to maintain treaties with EU. #Switzerland #EuropeanUnion #Europe #Guncontrol
Supporters of greater restrictions say Swiss rules need to line up with EU’s

Swiss voters are casting ballots in a referendum to decide whether to enact new restrictions on guns and line up with other countries in the European visa-free travel zone who have tightened rules following extremist attacks.

The proposal could require regular training in the use of firearms, special waivers for possession of some semi-automatic weapons and serial-numbering of major parts of some guns to help track them.
Switzerland votes in referendum on tighter gun laws
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"The 22 lawyers, mostly from Zurich, justify their request on the grounds of promoting civil society, human rights and press freedom." https://lenews.ch/2019/05/09/call-to-offer-assange-asylum-in-switzerland/ #wikileaks exposed crimes in #switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
Photo by: ©Sylvia Michel

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Rich #switzerland against #generics i.e. against #accesstomedicines by poor people
RMS talk coming to #Lausanne #Switzerland (where he is right now; we speak daily)
"This speech by Richard Stallman will be nontechnical, admission is gratis, and the public is encouraged to attend."
Anna Florence Reed was found dead after reports of noisy disturbance in middle of night

Police in Switzerland are investigating how a 22-year-old British woman died in a hotel room she was allegedly sharing with her boyfriend.

Anna Florence Reed was found dead on Tuesday at the four-star La Palma au Lac hotel near Locarno, on the banks of Lake Maggiore, after reports of a noisy disturbance in the room during the middle of the night.
Man arrested over death of British woman in Swiss hotel
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In footage reportedly shot in London last summer during a dinner with far-right European nationalists, Mr Bannon said Breitbart was in “tough financial shape” after seeing advertising revenues plummet "90 per cent".

He credited the slump to work done by campaign group Sleeping Giants, which pressures companies into cutting ties with media it deems to be racist or sexist.
BY Tom Embury-Dennis - @tomemburyd - 6 days ago

SOURCE : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/steve-bannon-breitbart-boycott-advertising-sleeping-giants-trump-a8854381.html

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

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Alex Schroeder 🐝 - 2019-04-07 08:35:45 GMT
The fediverse is Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada and all their friends, federating. But what do we call all the silos, the ad-based family of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and friends? How about Adverse? It's true: a universe founded on ad serving. And a reminder that the offer plenty of adversity.
The fediverse is Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada and all their friends, federating. But what do we call all the silos, the ad-based family of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and friends? How about Adverse? It's true: a universe founded on ad serving. And a reminder that the offer plenty of adversity.
Operation Libero’s clever campaigns aim to tackle a climate of fear and pessimism

How do you beat rightwing populists? With pink socks, viral videos, condoms – and an iron determination not to let them decide what matters.

That’s how Operation Libero are doing it anyway.

'We had to fight': the Swiss youth group taking on right-wing populism
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People in #diaspora have spoken about this for a while. Seeing that half of British MEPs voted "yes", #brexit would not have tackled this terrible #eu "directive"; Britain is more #copyright maximalist than most EU members.
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