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John Grant - Love Is Magic (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Viaje al centro del ritmo

Hernán forma parte de esta banda, cuyos proyectos y actuaciones comparte habitualmente en Diaspora. Compré uno de sus discos en Bandcamp. A mí me parecen muy buenos músicos...

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Hard working pays off: An afternoon in May we finished a huge challenge for us, finishing two songs in less than 20 hours at Barracã... Show more...

I love the Internet when...

...when the producer (Neil Kernon) of a seminal prog-metal album (Queensryche's Rage For Order, recorded in 1986) directly answers to a question in a forum about the synths used in that album.

https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/117201-queensryche-making-rage-order-video.html (Neil Kernon's nick's Auslander)

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Created some new tests for the Geonkick synthesizer I am developing. Now as LV2 plugin in Ardour. Except the pads and piano everything (shakers, hit-hat closed, some percussive effects, kick and snare) is generate with it. http://geontime.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/geonkick_test.ogg #music #kicks #synth

Open source synth for Ipad

SYNTH ONE COMING LATE JUNE 2018 http://redskylullaby.com/ Synth One is a free synth for iPad by AudioKit. It is a fully featured synth with dual oscillators,...
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Learn the Basics of Beatmaking with This Open-Source Synthesizer iOS App

One of the best parts of any science-fiction game or movie are those ominous tones that suggest a conversation or discovery is about to head south—a quintessential part of the soundtrack that adds a lot of atmosphere (and tension) to an experience. And now, thanks to an open-source iOS app, you can make your own imposing synthesizer sounds and teach yourself the basics of music production.

AudioKit’s Synth One app is completely free to download and use, which is remarkable enough given how fully featured this virtual synthesizer is. Fire it up, and you’ll have more than 300 individual presets to try—which are fun enough to load and play using the app’s built-in keyboard.

See https://lifehacker.com/learn-the-basics-of-beatmaking-with-this-open-source-sy-1828030421

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The AudioKit Synth One is a pro-level iPad synth that’s completely free

AudioKit Synth One, a free and open-source iPad synth, is now available for download in the Apple App Store, developer Matthew Fecher has announced. The Synth One, which Fecher describes as “the largest free and open-source iOS music project in history,” is a professional-level polyphonic synth created by a team of over 100 volunteers over the course of several years.

The Synth One is a robust piece of free software, and many of the volunteers involved are professional sound designers and techs who have worked with artists like Neon Trees, Rihanna, M83, and software companies like Valhalla DSP. Right now, it works with audio routing tools Audiobus 3 and Inter-app Audio so you can bring the sounds into other apps like Cubase and GarageBand, but the team says it also plans to add AUv3 and Ableton Link support down the road (the ETA on this, however, is unknown).

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[Three hours of SnM: Synthwave from the Saturday Night Mediocre MockuCast 2017](https://www.bitchute.com/video/dlSYRHS2myE/)

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YouTube: Alexandre Bazin "Night Riders" + Film by Jeff Scher (Alexandre Bazin)

Film by Jeff Scher , Brooklyn / USA "Night Riders" is taken from Alexandre Bazin solo debut "Full Moon" released on Umor Rex Records — http://www.umor-rex.or...
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