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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #archlinux, #infosec, #it, #linux, #security, and #sysadmin.

Let's see how far this goes ;)
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #archlinux, #infosec, #it, #linux, #security, and #sysadmin.

Let's see how far this goes ;)
Wow, #SystemD journal seems very hungry on #Ubuntu 18.04. Investigating what uses most disk space on one of my 20G disk VM's which is continuously near the limit and SystemD journal is currently taking 1.9G of space.

Is this normal?


ps. No need to reply with "systemd sucks etc", you risk instant ignore button activation by raising that war again. I don't care if SystemD is good for the world or not, just this specific issue :P

pps. I'm not reinstalling with your favourite linux distro which doesn't have systemd.
Who has got two thumbs up and forgot to restart his database server after removing the read-only config for 20 hours? 👍👍

#sysadmin #fail
[A sysadmin's guide to Bash | Opensource.com](https://opensource.com/article/18/7/admin-guide-bash)

#Shells #sysadmin
[A sysadmin's guide to Ansible: How to simplify tasks | Opensource.com](https://opensource.com/article/18/7/sysadmin-tasks-ansible)

#sysadmin #ansible #gnulinux
Thank you all the #sysadmin around the world keeping things running <3 Happy sysadmin day!

#sysadmin #admin #devops #sysadminday

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Wait… what exactly is SysAdmin Day? Oh, it’s only the single greatest 24 hours on the planet… and pretty much the most important holiday of the year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the heroic men and women who, come rain or shine, prevent disasters, keep IT secure and put out tech fires left and right.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Great. I get it. My sysadmin is a rock star. But now what?” Glad you asked! Proper observation of SysAdmin Day includes (but is not limited to):
  • Cake & Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Cards
  • Gifts
  • Words of gratitude
  • Custom t-shirts celebrating the epic greatness of your SysAdmin
  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Did I say gifts
Is your #coffee not waking you? Try this:

So I went with DNSimple after looking at a few different companies. Initial experience is good, I like their ethos, and their support is friendly. Here’s a referral link if anyone is interested (we both get $5 credit if you sign up).

My DNS is all now managed with #Terraform (this provider), stored in Git, with the Terraform state file in Nextcloud so I can safely edit on multiple machines. They have good APIs so all sorts of automation is possible if that’s your thing (hey, it's 2018 - it should be your thing!).

#DNSimple #registrar #DNS #sysadmin

RFC 6186 - Use of SRV Records for Locating Email Submission/Access Services

#TIL that this is a thing! Should reduce the number of times family members come to me to set up their e-mail client again.


#mailhosting #smtp #imap #sysadmin #RFC6186 #autodiscover
You are sysadmin and you love Debian Linux.




#debian #sysadmin #humor

Looking for a security minded \*nix sysadmin gig? We're hiring!

*nix geeks wanted for our hosted services operations in Oslo, to help us maintain impressive uptimes and a spotless security record.

Modirum is a software, service and consulting company providing secure authentication and payment solutions. Our offices are located in Estonia, Finland, Norway, Singapore and United Kingdom. We provide solutions and services to clients in over 50 countries.

Our preferred operating system is #FreeBSD, we use #MySQL as our database engine and we make heavy use of #jails. If you know what “multi-master replication” means, call us.

You need a fundamental understanding of, and interest in, security concepts, as this is at the very core of what we do.

More info and contact here: https://www.modirum.com/images/ModirumJobAd.pdf

\#oslo #norway #norge #sysadmin #unix #freebsd

The real power of Linux executables

What happens when a file gets executed in Linux? What does it mean that a file is executable? Can we only execute compiled binaries? What about shell scripts then? If I can execute shell scripts, what else can I execute? In this article we will try to answer those questions.

Nice and thorough description of what's happening under the hood when Linux executes a binary (or anything else.)

\#linux #programming #sysadmin

Aus dem Alltag eines #Sysadmin: Hochgenaue #Systemzeit

Von Charly Kühnast

Nachdem die Anschaffung einer Atomuhr im Hause Kühnast keine Mehrheit gefunden hat, zapft Charly eben das Uhrwerk eines GPS-Satelliten an. So verschafft er zu Hause der Pünktlichkeit Geltung, die sonst nur große Rechenzentren benötigen. Genau...


The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers

HN link: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17083436
Posted by xg15 (karma: 3420)
Post stats: Points: 176 - Comments: 95 - 2018-05-16T16:00:57Z

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OK #podmin and #linux #sysadmin people. I figure there will be some good recommendations here. I run a few VMs at home on some outdated hardware. It's time to upgrade them. Xen is my hypervisor, and I'm currently running on an old HP XW8600 workstation. That gives you an idea of the kind of hardware I need: 8 CPUs, 32G of RAM. I do LVM for RAID. Main thing I'm looking to upgrade is the CPU quality. My current CPUs are Xeon E5450s, which lack a lot of the virtualisation support of more modern CPUs. But this is a desktop form factor, which I like. I don't need rack-mounted, dual power supplies and all that. Just a beefy, high-end desktop with the right CPUs would do. The beauty of using an older all-in-one box like this, is that they're easy and cheap to come by secondhand on eBay and such.

So the question is: can anyone name a desktop form-factor, 8-core (or more, I guess) box that's 2-3 years old and easy to find secondhand on eBay and similar sites? Oh, and I need it in the UK. So cheap US-based resellers really aren't helpful. Thanks.
Currently I have one big server to handle all my web app needs, including DB, Redis, etc to support those. It's becoming a bit bogged down due to I/O. So, planning to spread out a bit.

What I can't decide is whether to have one #Postgres DB for all the apps on a larger server OR have multiple (smaller) servers and a #Docker Postgres for each app separately on the same server.

Opinions? :)

#selfhosted #sysadmin
Hi, everyone. I'm #newhere . I'm from #stlouis #missouri . I was invited here by a #burner #burningman friend and I came here for pretty much the same reason other people are migrating here for, because of all the #facebook bullshit. I'm not gonna do a hashtag dump because that'd be annoying, but some of the things I'm interested in are #writing , #rpg , #geek , #technology , #sysadmin , #gaming , #improv , #comics , #reddit , #history , #science, #technology , #news , #trance , #techno , #housemusic , #movies , #linux , and #marvelcomics .

In retrospect, that was probably a bit of a hashtag dump.

Anyway, tell me what I need to know, and if I seem interesting, hit me up.
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #devops, #diaspora, #floss, #linux, #philippines, #sysad, and #sysadmin.

Trying to get my own pod running, so I can eventually share this with families and friends.
@Jeremy Pope Not saying there something better then coffee but this guy have a point here

#coffee #sysadmin #lol
Been playing with netdata this past weekend. Pretty slick system monitoring that's lightweight on system resources. It doesn't have much for looking at long term history though (at the moment at least). It does send notifications (via email, slack, etc...) which are quite handy. It currently won't replace #monitorix for me though due to the lack of history.


#netdata #sysadmin #systemmonitoring

Get control of your Linux Servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome.

Unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on your Linux systems and applications, with stunning, interactive web dashboards and powerful performance and health alarms.
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