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so they can’t be unplugged
#systemd #systemx
Septor Linux is based on Debian
so, no thanks. #systemd

base it on hurd, or devuan.
Ryzen 3000: AMD behebt fehlerhaften Zufall durch BIOS-Update - Golem.de
#AMD #AMDZen #Linux #PC #Prozessor #Systemd #Applikationen #OpenSource #PC-Hardware
Linux-Abstürze: Fehlerhafter Zufallsbefehl auf neuen und alten AMD-CPUs - Golem.de
#AMD #AMDZen #Linux #Prozessor #Systemd #Applikationen #OpenSource #PC-Hardware
"boot issue on 2019 Linux distribution releases doesn't appear to be firmly resolved yet but some are believing it is an RdRand instruction issue on these newer processors manifested by #systemd ." https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ryzen-3K-RdRand-Systemd-Maybe
#redhat on "reviewing code you don’t like" (like #systemd to a lot of people)
10 tips for reviewing code you don’t like
Ryzen 3000: Bekannter Fehler bringt viele Linux-Distributionen zu Fall
#AMDRyzen3000 #LinuxundOpenSource #Systemd
as a plus, it is also free of #systemd


puppy is one of the most customisable distros in history. there are countless ways to create your own version of it. it is ridiculously easy to make your own package for it. heres one i made a few years ago: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?mode=attach&id=99110
one #systemd, one #chromeos, kano (is it discontinued? they promote windows now and one (fully?) proprietary os.

"best"? far from it. didnt even mention devuan.
mozilla demonstrates the kind of thing that can happen even to free software.

yes, you can fork it. but mozilla will continue to sabotage it to transform it into #mozillacloudcontrol -- and its a little bit harder to clean up their code changes than it is to revert the co-opting of a wikipedia article.

its not that free software cant fix this-- but it takes years to build up the political momentum needed to 1. admit the problem 2. gain enough coders to fix it (in more than one repair cycle.) this is whats happening with #systemd and #devuan as well. 5 years in-- there is still significant damage present, half a decade later. thats a major setback. and the fsf says: nothing.

meanwhile, zircon (google) is trying to move past posix itself.

so breaking software, breaking standards. these are the backstabbers we rely on to access the web.

Distro personal crisys (an open letter to myself... )

tl;dr I think this is something that happens from time to time but I think I need to change distro for a while. And I just realized this long post is for me, because I have to deal with my ideals and I am not really happy to do that, but I am not having fun with Debian recently and I need to solve it.
After ten years of #Debian I see Debian changing in something that I don't recognize or I don't feel comfortable with it. Many years ago Debian was also synonymous of innovations, on every fields, today what happens in Debian is, along to slow, behind the scene, like the Risc-V port but for the Desktop area there is nothing exciting and since the #systemd debate I had the feelings that Debian simply refused to lead in favor on just following the events. I mean I am really prone to think if tomorrow Ubuntu is shipped with Just sn... Show more...
hopefully #systemd wont slow it down too much
Another reminder that #systemd is developed on a #microsoft platform https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Systemd-Fuzzing-Fuzzit #deletegithub
avoiding the windows tax is great-- buying used avoids the windows tax as well.
See, no one listens to me when I complain about System76's trash laptops and trash customer service. But people keep showing up who've been screwed by them.
(5-year-old link) https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/1pwwr0/system76_is_screwing_me_need_a_laptop/

me (freemedia) -> i was going to buy a system76 laptop years ago, @Alexandre Oliva steered me away from it.

the best reason to avoid would be if they used hardware that required non-free drivers. i dont know what the status on that is. im glad there are non-windows oems, though the fsf doesnt recommend any s76 machines. on top of that, they come with #systemd and #ubuntu. there are so many reasons im not interested. this started when i was unhappy with s76 customer service, after i tried to buy one model and was then told they didnt have it. i felt bait and switched, but this was longer ago than that link. have they improved substantially?
#systemd , #github , #microsoft ... all our favourite things
"This is a game: how fast will systemd eat your system?"
#gnome evolving along #redhat lines (the #systemd #wayland etc. 'stack') https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=DisplayLink-GNOME-332-Wayland
#Linux system can be brought down by sending SIGILL to #Systemd

Devuan Testing with runit

For reason that I will not explain I use a lot Linux inside a virtual machine. I have been using for a long time the Raspberry PI Desktop because supposedly extremely light, but I got tired.

Hence I decided to install another Debian derivative and just because I am a huge fan of #systemd I installed #Devuan testing plus #runit as init system and let me say that, even if I also encrypted the virtual disk, the distro runs like a charm and it is somehow faster than Raspberry PI with systemd, the boot is faster and generally the DE is quite performing. I always thought that Xfce has been always superior than Lxde, so it was not a surprise that feelings I am having.

Also the use of Slim instead of Lightdm makes the distro faster after the login, as a matter of fact lightdm is another bottleneck. The sensation is the OS is more responsive even because runit, which just works as an init...

I'll keep you posted about Devuan and runit!

#linux #gnu #freesoftware #floss #foss #opensource #systemdfree
LP starts (almost always) from the same false supposition: that #gnu #linux crap and #apple #microsoft etc. are awesome and should be copied. Look at #systemd bloat, now at 1.2 millions LOCs. How do you even properly debug such a monstrosity?
Special 'fun' with #systemd
#Ansible roadmap offers open source automation with assurances
https://searchitoperations.techtarget.com/news/252463121/Ansible-roadmap-offers-open-source-automation-with-assurances depending on #ibm and #systemd for admin'ing?
#unix is being replaced by a less nerdy #systemd (and #microsoftLovesLinux like a #WeaSeL these days)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Promises One Enterprise Linux Experience
"One Enterprise Linux Experience"
One way
One process
process number one
No other choices
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 promises one enterprise Linux experience
#systemd and PAM again a toxic mix. Systemd was never designed for #security -- just copying #apple by its master's own admission
How to run systemd in a #container https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2019/04/24/how-to-run-systemd-in-a-container/ #redhat promoting #systemd (I watched Tragedy of Systemd today, excellent talk)
How to run systemd in a container
Remember those in the #systemd wars that said "boot speed doesn't matter on servers"?

Here is one example from #lkml why they were wrong: #Microsoft is working on a #linux #kernel feature to reboot servers in <1s with the help of persistent memory (pmen): lore.kernel.org/lkml/201904201…

just another #systemd distro. at least it offers #mate instead of #gnome

A fully free, simple, and lightweight operating system


Parabola GNULinux-libre Beginners' Guide


Parabola GNULinux-libre Installation Guide




Pacmac based system Migration


#freesoftware #gnu #linux-libre #parabola #arch

#systemd #OpenRC #LXDE
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