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The king and the court jester - Lyra pencil, lead pencil and lumber crayon drawing on paper - 3/7/20

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#MeanwhileInRussia we have unexpected holiday on 1st of July - because it is the final voting day for Constitution amendments.

Not that it matters because the amendments are already passed and new text of Constitution is already sold in printed form. But they want to maintain appearance of democratic process.

Notable changes:
- nullifies previous presidential terms so Putin can legally reelect yet again
- establishes legal immunity for ex-presidents
- gives national law priority over international agreements

The rest is mostly bigotry mixed with populist bullshit, e.g.
- "family is scared union of man and woman" (gay marriage was illegal before but looks like single moms/dads are also subhuman)
- "we are to protect ideals and faith in God passed to us by our ancestors" (But aren't we secular state as stated in the same Constitution? Also which... Show more...

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Anne Challoner

​Garda shot dead in the Midlands last night
Finola O murchu​That is disgraceful.
maria m)

​its going on everywhere... friend in scotland was telling me that they broke a window in a house and threw acid all over a woman and her daughter

​property, drugs arms seized yest, 60 raids in Limerick, army helicopter out all day, it's happening

Riverqueen​Varadkar thinks he's a world leader...his mind is shot from power and coke...he doesn't care about irish sure called us racists.. he incites hatred on island...so bad

Le verdure alla griglia non sono cancerogene

Al contrario della carne, ogni tipo di ortaggio cotto direttamente sulla fiamma ha un effetto benefico
Redazione - 03 giugno 2015 17:08

Le verdure grigliate non sono cancerogene, anzi, fanno bene all'organismo. E' questo il sorprendente risultato di uno studio spagnolo, pubblicato sul Journal of Food Science, che ha scoperto come un ortaggio cotto direttamente sulla fiamma non subisce perdite, ma in alcuni casi può anche aumentare l'attività antiossidante.

Al contrario di quello che avviene con la carne, quindi, le verdure cotte sulla griglia non producono composti dannosi. In particolare è il grasso della carne ad essere pericoloso, perché cadendo sulla brace si decompone e libera l'acroleina che, combin... Show more...
Some more #spring for you. Have a nice Sunday, Fediverse!

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Happy International Women's Day!

8 of March is national holiday in Russia and was so since 1966 (it existed before that too but was working day). It is perhaps the second most popular holiday in Russia after New Year. The political sense is mostly gone so it is mostly "appreciation day" with custom of giving flowers and other gifts to women. Flower businesses boom on this day, some making 80% of their annual profit. Some feminists don't like it too much though because "women need no special appreciation day when they are given flowers - and the broom on every other day" but most people like it.

It has male counterpart, February 23, which is more divisive since it has clearly militaristic nature - "Defender of Homeland" day. Some think it doesn't apply to those who weren't in army, others don't like the idea at all. Most people also celebrate it to some degree and men usually get certain token of appreciation - like shaving cream :)

Happy 8 of March, girls! You are awesome!

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"Replace your expensive and inefficient in-place infrastructure with cloud" they said.

"Clouds provide high redundancy, transparency and swift issue resolution by world class professionals unlike your in-house support" they said.

Well, transparency is there at least. Looks like we are not updating Jira as scheduled.

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have you #meditated #today #yet?

bang on and have a go.

just sit there comfortably, breathing comfortably slow and steady, relaxingly still, gently touching anything that arises, as it arises, allowing it to dissipate, disappear or move aside for now, making space for the no-thought state of being.

#meditation #simple
#clarity #tuning

.... not doing it yet? procrastinating? allowing yourself blown around in the noise? need sold on the benefits of meditation again? :) you cant hear it from there. #cantgettherefromhere
so meditate a bit first, then you'll get it. then you'll have the clarity and capacities to conceive of the benefits of meditation. :)

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Hand-picking data between the bullshit on:
Interest rates are so low that central banks have little room to cut should recession strike. Even now some are still trying to support demand with quantitative easing (QE), ie, buying bonds. This strange state of affairs once looked temporary, but it has become the new normal.
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- #WhatIf There Was No #Salt in the #World?

- #Cities have been #named after it, #economies have been #built on it, #wars have been fought over it, your #life depends on it. Salt may be the most #important, and the most #divisive, #mineral in #history. What is it worth to us #today? There are more than 14,000 #uses for salt, but to most of us, it only means one thing: high #blood #pressure.
Earth is our mother, kids are our future! Please take action and take part in the anti-climate change movement! Together we are stronger💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Happy Mother Earth's Day🌱🌻❤️#climatechange #extinctionrebellion #parade #prague #czech #today #takeaction #activism #standup #earth #motherearth #noplanetb #globalwarming #comunity #fridaysforfuture #parentsforfuture #ourkids #together #united
Over a million people turned up at Parliament square today and over 5 million have signed the online petition...
The people demand a meaningful vote of their own now, not one based on lies and deception like before...
I shall post a few pics from today to give a flavour of the day and show some of the inventive and amusing

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