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Trump and followers often call anything they don't like, "fake". This is behavior we need to praise and promote to the point where people of all political stripes doubt all video and audio evidence including that which they would otherwise love to believe.

We need to go back to printed newspapers as our only trusted source. Reporters would swear in "claimers" to having witnessed first hand, in person, the political figure having spoken the reported words.

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"According to the faith I was raised with I hope I would act according to the lessons found in the parable of the Good Samaritan." The rapist and criminal, #trump , is no Christian.
Revisiting Morality in the Age of Dishonesty
Pro #brexit site says we should just ignore Johnson being a dangerous lunatic. Remember rightwing sites defending the criminal and rapist #trump even after he had admitted doing it?
Die Grenze zwischen den USA und Mexiko ist der Schauplatz einer humanitären Krise. Zehntausende Migranten aus Zentralamerika versuchen illegal über die Grenze einzureisen, darunter sind viele Familien mit Kindern. - AutorIn: Tini von Poser
Entlang der mexikanischen Grenze
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#corporatemedia rigging the election again in order to ensure it's another Trump vs "almost" #trump again next year. No #impeachment in the books for the rapist and criminal, either.
On the Morning Consult Poll, Margins of Error, and the Undecideds in the Democratic Primary
It's not unprecedented for our "royals" to meet serial rapists like #trump and smile at them
It's not unprecedented for our "royals" to meet criminals like #trump and smile at them
The "D" party wants to lose again to #trump
'Democrats' don't want to win. Their big sponsors are the priority, the billionaires. They'd rather see #trump in power, as he legalises their tax crimes and lets them pollute etc.
Trump und der Iran
"Ich habe einen gesunden Menschenverstand"

Einerseits befiehlt US-Präsident Trump gegen den Iran Cyberattacken und kündigt Sanktionen an. Andererseits verspricht er, das Land "wieder groß" zu machen. Das scheint widersprüchlich. Er selbst sagt, er wisse, was er tue.
Liebe Tagesschau,

ich sehe ja ein, dass ihr auch keine Bock mehr hab über den Vollidioten zu berichten. Aber so eine Schlagzeile ist zum Fremdschämen. Erinnert euch: ihr seid Journalisten, schreibt Nachrichten, über die wichtigen Dinge, bewertet. Wenn ihr das ernst nehmt, dann zitiert ihr Trump nach über zwei Jahren wirren Gequassels und Getweetes nicht mehr im Titel.

Mit genervten und enttäuschten Grüßen


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#Peace Advocates Praise Senate for Voting to Block 'Brazen Power Grab' by #Trump to Sell Saudis More Weapons
Maybe #fuckwitputin can fake it like #trump #inauguration or that recent poll showing #putin popularity rates sinking, so they changed questions asked (comparing apples to oranges)
Maybe #trump is not #putin but he certainly acts alike
Trump’s Persecution of His Investigators Follows Authoritarian Playbook
Donald #Trump Is America's Shadow https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/22/donald-trump-americas-shadow "this is not an America made great. It is instead a nation struggling with basic human decency"
#trump has already admitted sexually assaulting women. He admitted. It's on tape. Still no #impeachment in this so-called 'civilised' 'democracy'...

Maybe the next US President can be a mass murderer and if he's racist, then that's a positive.
In 2017 47,173 US citizens committed #suicide in "Land of the Free" and the "American Dream"

First year of #trump #maga
Paying tax (forcibly taken from you) to support a #goldendawnald agenda of a rapist and criminal called Donald #trump (who calls Mexicans that)
Too much #personification will make underlying causes more vulnerable. There's also a lot more to the problems than just #trump
...This is why Guardian (fake left, with "green" and "poverty" as 'bait') was used for #defamation campaign, #operationhotel and lies connecting Assange to #trump and #russia

They knew how to break or fracture the "support base" and it never really recovered.
"House Democrats in the Energy and Commerce Committee are actively investigating the #oil industry’s role in shaping the #Trump administration’s proposed rollback of greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards for cars and light duty trucks."
U.K. Arms Sales to #SaudiArabia Ruled Unlawful As Donald #Trump Prepares to Veto Senate Resolutions Against Weapons Sales
#trump and Johnson. More alike than people care to realise.
#trump #god
" #Trump has used confrontation and destabilization on the global stage to enrich those sectors of capital that rely on him for survival – #BigOil being the prime example"
The Art of Trade War: Is Trump Winning His Trade War against China?
To people on the left #biden is another #trump and nothing will change that
The #trump problem that "D" party tries to solve was partly created by itself; so reckless and eager to install the wife of a former president who "got head" in the #whitehouse
Even in #russia they use the term "fake news" now; I first saw it in #china and then 'Democrats' used it against #trump (before he 'hijacked' it) ... Show more...
#corporatemedia talking point: Too much choice is bad for ya!! Just choose one from HRC and #trump

#microsoft talking point: too much #freedom is dangerous! Stick with our back doors.
#trump deeply shocked by 9/11
#Trump Administration Wants to Redefine the Poverty Line, Shrinking Public Aid https://truthout.org/articles/trump-administration-wants-to-redefine-poverty-shrinking-public-aid/ how they also tweak #massshootings numbers (change the number of causalities required)
Trump Administration Wants to Redefine the Poverty Line, Shrinking Public Aid
Donald #trump has already admitted, on tape, that he sexually assaulted women. Not only was this #orangenazi not arrested; he doesn't even face #impeachment

More victims come out: https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2019/06/21/womens-group-responds-new-trump-rape-accusation
#trump will lecture the world on nukes, democracy, women's rights etc.
Last week: #trump called journalism an act of #treason (it was about US attacking #russia power grids, revealing Trump's hypocrisy)

Days later: push for #war on #iran
"foolish to think that #Trumpism and Trumpistas are merely a product of personality. To believe that is to assume that Donald #Trump is sui generis, elected under unique circumstances and that the politics and polices produced under him are tied to him."
The Intellectual Origins of the Trump Presidency and the Construction of Contemporary American Politics
#brexit 'base' for Boris? Like #trump he knows he need not aim high but low, elevating #xenophobia and leveraging #racism for 'popular' support irrespective of major scandals
"Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran . . ."

"Thanks, John McCain! Let’s mix a little humor in with war." https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/06/21/war-begets-war-and-nothing-else/ the 'anti' #trump #mccain
War Begets War . . . And Nothing Else
The other #trump (who supported #iraq invasion) https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/06/21/the-biden-question/ #biden #militaryindustrialcomplex
The Biden Question
Imperial intimidation by a cabinet of literal criminals like #haspel #johnbolton and #trump
U.S. Prepped for Iran Strike Before Calling It Off
Why is #trump himself not in prison for his many crimes (some of which he admits to)?
Live aus dem Brückentagswochenendstau meldet sich Onkel Fisch mit den Themen dieser Wahnsinnswoche: Maut-Missgeschick, Brexit-Boris und dem großen Revier-Religions-Derby EKD vs. BVB!
Die Maut, der Boris und der BVB
#Satire #Brexit #Maut #Scheuer #Kirchtentag #Trump #BVB
#Trump the commander in chief.

Scheit er hat nicht über die Tragweite seiner Entscheidung nachgedacht.
Maggie Haberman on Twitter #Trump

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