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I'm now running on a single machine:
  • Valve Steam
  • EA Origin
  • GOG Galaxy
  • Itch.io
  • Ubisoft Uplay
  • And until recently Desura (RIP)
  • But not Blizzard Battle.net since 2010 but I could have!

Everything is under control.
Mini #videogame #review: I bought No Man's Sky on sale after watching @JP stream it on Twitch, and I have mixed feelings about it. Resources are sparse and inventory is limited, and I feel like these design decisions should be mutually exclusive. Minecraft is a great example of sparse resources with an ample inventory. Borderlands is a great example of abundant loot with a limited inventory. Both at the same time feels punishing for no good reason, especially since 1 item absurdly takes as much space as 250 of the same sort. Otherwise, it is an excellent freedom simulation.
Anyone? #videogame #gameing
Mini-review of Hard West (2015): A well-made turn-by-turn tactical combat game with a strong theme. Forgoes an epic string of random encounters à la XCOM in favor of relatively short scenarios with few but meaningful encounters. Recommended for genre amateurs. #videogame #review

Rant about linear survival management games

I’m growing increasingly tired of those survival management games with a linear path to success where luck is a bigger factor than player decisions. Yesterday I rage-quit Surving Mars because a randomly long dust storm made all my planning efforts useless.

On the contrary, in Frostpunk, there are 2 or 3 ways to obtain all the game’s vital ressouces, and luck only plays a marginal factor in the game, giving agency to the player and a welcome narrative color to what is essentially a numbers game.

Moreover, having multiple ways of reaching the critical survival milestones allows for specific scenarios where some ways are unavailable, essentially forcing the player to play an entire different game.

Olá a todos, sou #novato. Tenho interesse em #cinema, #videogame, #futebol e #xbox.
Taking a hot shower after having played a game of @frostpunkgame takes a whole new dimension. #videogame
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Mini #videogame #review: Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants (2012) is a classic Caribbean marine adventure game with a tedious economic simulation and confusing battles. Fun was nowhere to be found.
we update you no matter what...


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super mario hamster...


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Sometimes I play bad games and I write about it so you don't have to. This time it's Master of Orion (2016).

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The Master of Orion reboot has all the classic flaws of recent 4X games
Anybody remember playing this game? I loved the soundtrack. The original Quake soundtrack was done by Nine Inch Nails, the second was done by Sonic Mayhem.

YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jY6yBTYxLko#
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YouTube: Quake 2 Soundtrack (Full) (VGameOSTs)


Video Game Review: Master of Orion (2016)

After a recent Steam sale, I bought a Master of Orion pack including the three original games released between 1993 and 2003, and the last one, released in 2016.

And as a wannabe game designer, I'm not impressed.

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The Master of Orion reboot has all the classic flaws of recent 4X games

Last #Statement from the #Florida #shooter

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I discovered Graveyard Keeper through Steam coupons as it got out of Alpha and released in August 15th 2018, and the game is so stupidly cute with its polished #pixelart that I jumped the gun and bought the #videogame for more than I usually spend for a single game.

This was a good hunch, the mechanics resemble the little I know about Animal Crossing: harvesting, crafting and making the villagers happy running errands. However, the unusual theme gives a nice color to it reinforced by the omnipresent dark humor in the dialogues. The trailer itself boasts an "obligatory dungeon crawling" feature.

Content Warning: Religious themes, some witches are burned at the stake. In cute pixel art, but still.

Inconsequential iOS app time management gripe

Many mobile games use timers and rely on the underlying phone OS to give them a sense of how much time passed between two app uses.

Unfortunately on iOS sometimes apps are woken up in the exact state they were left off, without having any clue actual time has passed.

This is extremely irritating when picking up a game in the morning since mobile games are designed with sleep time in mind, with 8+ hours timers.

I’m guessing this is an intended behavior to provide a seamless app experience but in this specific case it backfires.

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#### 評論DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD PS4 PRO] - No Commentary

這款遊戲真是好到讓我想買PS4 PRO啊!沒錯,劇情其實挺拾人牙慧的,不過還真的把各種機器人老梗都包進來的呀!XD

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I found the soundtrack of a mobile game on Spotify and it felt like finding playable tracks on a video game CD-ROM all over again.

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Line Rider

Remember Line Rider? The simple web game featuring cute character with a flowing scarf descending reliefs made from hand-drawn lines on a sled until his inevitable fall?


Youtube user DoodleChaos has been consistently pushing the limits of Line Rider level design, including background music synchronization and playing with the fall sequence, after the sledder has dismounted. 4 months after his sensational rendition of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg, he's back with a long track over "Fade" by Alan Walker. Enjoy.

YouTube: Line Rider - Fade (DoodleChaos)

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Câlin du coucher... Un Fanart du jeu vidéo Undertale par miss n°2. Bonne nuit 💕

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