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I haven't had any contact with the original Chex Quest video game, but this is undoubtedly one of the most unusual stories in the #videogame history, at least because it features a quality advergame.
General Mills is backing Chex Quest once again!
New official re-release (with a third episode) here: https://www.chexmix.com/chexquest/
The Official History of Chex Quest video: https://youtu.be/FPByIugoiM0
Anyone has an Electronic Arts Origin accounts and wants The Sims 4 for free? We can do a gift exchange until May 28.
#videogame #thesims
I was curious about them, so I watched every cutscene of the Mortal Kombat 11 Story mode back to back, and I must say I'm impressed. They total 3 hours and 50 minutes of action! The story holds up, the animation is perfect, the cast vast and varied. Not bad for the latest incarnation of an initially gimmicky 16bits fighting game.

#videogame #mortalkombat #animation

Since it came up in the attached conversation, I wanted to clear something up about the Christchurch, NZ terrorist yelling "Subscribe to PewDiePie" before shooting a mosque on live video.

It isn't a joke. At least not one everyone can get. This particular phrase is a meme in a very specific online social circle. I don't even believe all PewDiePie subscribers get it. Not even PewDiePie himself is in on it anymore. And since it's been mentioned, yes, it is comparable to the "Allāhu akbar" Muslim terrorists yell before carrying an attack. It's performative in the same fashion.

In the Christchurch shooting, we can definitely assert this by the live video recording element. This wasn't an impulsive attack by a disgruntled loner, but a carefully planned attack to be broadcasted live, so the choice of the phrase had a very particular significance as well, meant to signify the shooter's belonging to a specific group.

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OpenAI Dota 2 project

An OpenAI team has been working for the past couple years on training bots to play Dota 2, a competitive 5v5 video game with million-dollar human tournaments. The AI is playing with restricted settings, allowing to pick from only 17 out of the 100 heroes the game features for example.

News timeline:
- August 11th 2017: OpenAI beats professional player one-on-one!
- August 5th 2018: OpenAI beats team of former professionals!
- April 13th, 2019: OpenAI beats world tournament champions!
- April 19th, 2019: OpenAI wins 99.6% of its online matches and the human winners are celebrated.

It is interesting to see how the news coverage always focuses on the underdogs, and how the underdogs have changed over time in this case from the AI to the humans.

#videogame #artificialintelligence #ai #deeplearning
Für das Beethoven-Jahr 2020 entwickeln Musiker und Video-Spiel-Designer ein Videospiel, das sich um Ludwig van Beethoven dreht. Auftakt war ein Game-Jam Ende April.
WDR 3 und Cologne Game Lab entwickeln Beethoven-Computerspiel
#WDR3 #Kultur #CologneGameLab #Beethoven #Game #Videogame #Spieleentwicklung
Hochkultur trifft Gamer-Szene: WDR 3 entwickelt mit Studierenden des Cologne Game Lab ein Beethoven Game. Veröffentlicht werden soll es zum Beethoven Jubiläum 2020.
Beethoven 2020: WDR 3 entwickelt Computerspiel
#WDR3 #Kultur #CologneGameLab #Beethoven #Game #Videogame #NRW

Basingstoke FREE on Linux

The video game studio Puppygames (Titan Attacks, Ultratron, Droid Assault) is releasing their latest game Basingstoke on itch.io entirely free for Linux.

Grab it while it's hot!

#LinuxGaming #VideoGame
What other #VideoGame series than X can boast having reviews by people having spent 100, 200 or 300 hours on a game concluding with a "Not Recommended" verdict?
#VideoGame For a deeper comment, I'm recommending the Rock, Paper, Shotgun #review of Beat Cop by Pixel Crow. Too bad, I liked the art style.
Wot I Think: Beat Cop
#MiniReview #VideoGame : Beat Cop by Pixel Crow depicts an expectedly sexist and racist 80's Brooklyn street, but never actually addresses these discriminations. Feels like a botched Papers, please without a message.

It's a game made by Motion twin, a French anarcho-syndicalist coop.

From their steam page:
Motion Twin is an anarcho-syndical (seriously) workers cooperative that’s been making games in France since 2001. No boss, equal pay, equal say. It’s an experiment and an experience!
It's also very fun, so I'd recommend it if you enjoy rogue-likes/metroidvanias.

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
#anarchism #anarchy #France #French #game #poc
#entertainment #games #videogames #videojuegos
#meme #10dayVideoGameChallenge #videogame

#art (cause i think video games are art)

I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and/or share them ! :)
Should I buy on Steam Split/Second: Velocity, a #videogame I already bought twice in my life on console, and arguably one of the best arcade racing game of all time?

I've been collaborating with an italian #gamedev, we made this #mobile #game, is not as finished (at least visually) as we would like, but we had to move forward in order to participate in another project with other dev and a musician. #videogame #roguelike
It's a #card based game. Give it a try if you like and have a great week!
#minireview #videogame Unfortunately, Battle Brothers is turning out to be one of those games where you realize you should have done something different several hours earlier. I am not amused.
#VideoGame #MiniReview So far Battle Brothers by @OverhypeStudios is every single game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay I attended in high school: Germanic town names, no magic user, endless comparisons between different weapons, repetitive quests, and a lot of fun.
#MiniReview #VideoGame Playing Subnautica after my aborted No Man's Sky playthrough is like a breath of fresh air. Meaningful level design, dramatic story-telling, world coherence, easier inventory management, almost every aspect is more compelling.

Show HN: I taught my little brother JS, and he made this videogame in a week


HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18866500
Posted by lovasoa (karma: 145)
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Mini #videogame review: I'm trying too hard to like Dead Cells by Motion Twin that I see is a good game, but which frustrates me doubly: by being a Rogue-like and a Dark Souls-like. In a similar genre, Rogue Legacy seems to be my personal skill ceiling.
The time hasn't made this better: I still can't play a Sonic game. It's either confusingly fast or frustratingly slow, and the 3D makes things worse.
#videogame #rant

A Twitch-type encounter

Yesterday I was Lost in Twitchslation. #videogame
Twitch-type encounter
I'm now running on a single machine:
  • Valve Steam
  • EA Origin
  • GOG Galaxy
  • Itch.io
  • Ubisoft Uplay
  • And until recently Desura (RIP)
  • But not Blizzard Battle.net since 2010 but I could have!

Everything is under control.
Mini #videogame #review: I bought No Man's Sky on sale after watching @JP stream it on Twitch, and I have mixed feelings about it. Resources are sparse and inventory is limited, and I feel like these design decisions should be mutually exclusive. Minecraft is a great example of sparse resources with an ample inventory. Borderlands is a great example of abundant loot with a limited inventory. Both at the same time feels punishing for no good reason, especially since 1 item absurdly takes as much space as 250 of the same sort. Otherwise, it is an excellent freedom simulation.
Anyone? #videogame #gameing
Mini-review of Hard West (2015): A well-made turn-by-turn tactical combat game with a strong theme. Forgoes an epic string of random encounters à la XCOM in favor of relatively short scenarios with few but meaningful encounters. Recommended for genre amateurs. #videogame #review

Rant about linear survival management games

I’m growing increasingly tired of those survival management games with a linear path to success where luck is a bigger factor than player decisions. Yesterday I rage-quit Surving Mars because a randomly long dust storm made all my planning efforts useless.

On the contrary, in Frostpunk, there are 2 or 3 ways to obtain all the game’s vital ressouces, and luck only plays a marginal factor in the game, giving agency to the player and a welcome narrative color to what is essentially a numbers game.

Moreover, having multiple ways of reaching the critical survival milestones allows for specific scenarios where some ways are unavailable, essentially forcing the player to play an entire different game.

Olá a todos, sou #novato. Tenho interesse em #cinema, #videogame, #futebol e #xbox.
Taking a hot shower after having played a game of @frostpunkgame takes a whole new dimension. #videogame
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