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Voici Xavier,
Tel le "Nestor du Moulinsart", Xavier tient et entretien les lieux. Envoyé en mission de deux ans par sa communauté Jésuite, Xavier oeuvre sans relâche auprès du château, du potager, et des poules. Selon lui, religion et écologie son intimement liées. Il faut respecter Sa création, et non pas la manipuler n'importe comment.
Si vous cherchez Xavier au Campus, vous le trouverez dans le poulailler, dans le potager, ou vous ne le trouverez peut être pas; il sera au monastère du village pour sa messe quotidienne.
Meet Xavier,
Just like the "Nestor of the Moulinsart", Xavier looks after the place. He was sent by his Jesuit community on a two years mission to help develop the school, and works unrelentlessly in the vegetable garden, or in the hen house. According to Xavier, religion and environment are deeply connected. We must treat His creation with respect, and not manipulate it however we want to.
If you are looking for Xavier at the Campus, you will either find him in the ve... Show more...
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #filmaking and #videography.
I filmed the recent fireworks display at ashbridges bay using two cameras because one wasn't enough. The canon was mounted on a tripod (right side, stationary), the jvc was mounted on a monopod (left side, non-stationary). All in all, I was able to capture everything and edit the two sources into one, side by side.

#fireworks #display #victoriaday #videography #twin
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #adodenhaag, #god, #graphicdesign, #indesign, #markzware, #nature, #photography, #pijnacker01, #printing, #soccer, #videography, #voetbal, and #youtube. Have a great day and look forward to connecting, David Dilling/Pijnacker01
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