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If #ibm does not distance itself from #watchtroll and other judge-bashing, anti-law front groups, then #redhat will be 0xdeadbeef to #freesw people
#watchtroll has in fact just done (posted) a job ad for a #patenttroll -- a notorious one called #BlackbirdTechnologies [sic](they just sue)
Gene Quinn of #watchtroll says "Coons and Stivers Reintroduce Measure to Make the U.S. Patent System STRONGER"

Nope! They try to make it WEAKER and WORSE. For #patenttrolls and parasites who bribe them.
People who writes pieces for #watchtroll associate themselves with the worst of the worst
Gene Quinn the #watchtroll is attacking the courts again in "It May Be Time to Abolish the Federal Circuit"

How is this loony blog managing to get the EPO to work with it? Simple. Both hate judges and loathe justice.
#watchtroll says " Coons and Stivers to Reintroduce STRONGER Patents Act"

They know it's a zombie. It's already dead and it'll stay dead, in spite of all the #bribery
Two attacks on Monday on 35 U.S.C. § 101. By #watchtroll of course. They're attacking judges and courts again. The #patent zealots know no bounds. Now they bribe politicians, too...
#Watchtroll says "More Than 60% of Issued U.S. Patents are Software Related"

OK, so get rid of them. #swpats have zero validity in courts these days. #uspto #patents
#anticipat now linking to and boosting #watchtroll

Stay classy, folks... you're giving away with terrible a firm you are (and your #patenttrolls -leaning agenda)
#managingip deteriorating like #patentdocs #watchtroll and #patentlyo

They lost many of their key writers and don't have much to write, so they yank out 'meta' crap instead https://www.managingip.com/Article/3881635/Managing-IPs-most-read-stories-in-June-2019.html?ArticleId=3881635
#PTAB still being targeted by #patent extremists, who try to impede patent justice, i.e. invalidation of bogus ones. #patents #watchtroll
Paul Morinville is being a moron again. Based on his #watchtroll piece he's not happy because the stacked panels were not 100% stacked?
#JohnVandenberg now trying to revive a staged 'debate' from a fortnight ago. #watchtroll must be rather upset that even #coons with over a million in bribes from #law firms could not overturn #scotus on Alice.
#watchtroll yesterday: "After Alice: IP Stakeholders Comment on Alice’s Impact Five Years On"

Still incredibly sore because they cannot defeat or even water down 35 U.S.C. § 101/Alice. #swpats over. See
Gene Quinn of #watchtroll now acknowledges the #patent hearings in US Senate were rigged, stacked. "The Only Way to Counter False Claims on Patent Reform is to Enter the Debate"
"It’s tough to fight on after losing an Alice appeal, but that’s just what most applicants are doing," Mark Nowotarski writes in #watchtroll today. Still just moaning and groaning about the elimination of #swpats in the US.
"Supreme Court Denies 43rd Petition for Cert on 101 Grounds in Villena v. Iancu," says #watchtroll
These #patent nuts lose their minds over #swpats

Alice is here to stay; deal with it.
#Watchtroll misses the point that #PTAB and IPRs squash bad #patents , not any patents; but then again these people also promoted a tribal #scam to protect bogus patents from PTAB.
James Nurton at #watchtroll the latest to do a #ChristianArchambeau puff piece; #Archambeau 'bought' his job at #euipo http://techrights.org/2018/10/01/christian-archambeau-and-battistelli/ more: http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/EUIPO
#Watchtroll people are amplifiers of the trolls' agenda in Senate this week
#Watchtroll says "those who oppose reforms to Section 101 are briefing staffers on the Hill today in an attempt to conflate the 101 and drug pricing/ gene patenting debates."
Nope, these issues are all very much related! No conflating here at all. #swpats too affected.
Even #ACLU has become fed up with #patent extremists

So now #watchtroll is, as expected, attacking ACLU
Gene Quinn of #watchtroll still delusional or dishonest (the latter is intentional). "The One Word that Will Help Restore the U.S. Patent System" is writes. The #patent system still exists and works, it's just saner (the courts). Parasites dislike that.
Eileen McDermott of #watchtroll has a post titled "The Lineup: Who We’ll Hear from in the First Two #Senate Hearings on #Section101 Reform"

Well, #koch -funded 'scholars' included:
Over at #watchtroll today Kent Richardson equates #patents to a "market"; these law firms are sick ("Reflections on the 2018 Patent Market"). Should we also start calling "market of ideas" a literal market and have counters to 'sell' them? What a joke! But they're actually serious. #greed
Over at #watchtroll today Kent Richardson equates #patents to a "market"; these law firms are sick ("Reflections on the 2018 Patent Market"). Should we also start calling "market of ideas" a literal market and have counters to 'sell' them? What a joke! But they're actually serious. #greed
Over at #watchtroll today Kent Richardson equates #patents to a "market"; these law firms are sick ("Reflections on the 2018 Patent Market"). Should we also start calling "market of ideas" a literal market and have counters to 'sell' them? What a joke! But they're actually serious. #greed
Michael Borella of the #litigation lobby seems eager to bring software #patents back. Eileen McDermott of #watchtroll says "Draft Text of Proposed New Section 101 Reflects #Patent Owner [sic]Input"
#watchtroll posted "Legislative Recommendation for the SUCCESS Act: Recognize the Inventor"

It's that nonsense which is promoting #patent maximalism under the guise (hijack of) "diversity"

They call it "SUCCESS" :-)
Mark Nowotarsk in #watchtroll cherry-picking for #propaganda in "Business Method Patents Recover Under USPTO Guidance"

They don't assess actual court cases but mere #uspto decisions, which are internal and money-motivated
This weekend in #watchtroll an article starts with "While all eyes are on China and how it plans to tackle bad faith infringers"

The article is about US (USPTO), not #china ... but #chinaphobia as driver of US policy seems to have taken the front seat.
Another very fine piece from #Watchtroll comes from very fine #patenttrolls who cheer for Donald #Trump as if he’s the one who tackles #corruption rather than spreading it
#Watchtroll , Composed by #PatentTrolls , Calls the American #Patent System “Corrupt” http://techrights.org/2019/05/18/american-patent-system-corrupt/ #uspto #swpats
#watchtroll now cheering for corrupt #trump and against #patent sanity. The site has done MENTAL. "President Donald Trump Should Investigate the Corrupt Patent System and Passage of the AIA"
Why respond on a forum as toxic as #watchtroll ?

IIRC, Matt Levy from #ccia wrote for them and CCIA seemingly sacked him not too long afterwards...
After blocking James Love in #twitter (for trying to defend himself from false accusations made in #watchtroll against Knowledge Ecology International) Watchtroll published an article for him. What a nasty Web site. I refuse to even link to it anymore...
Kate Gaudry at #watchtroll is now promoting #swpats under the guise of "Artificial Intelligence Industry" (means algorithms)
#watchtroll cheering for the #uspto making money from drugs, enabling lawyers to become the next "drug lords" (CBD Wins with USPTO’s New Examination Guide for Cannabis Marks, but Lawful Use Requirements Remain Intact)
On the bright side, the blog is diminished if not dying. I wrote several articles about their demise (numerical & explaining it etc.) https://twitter.com/jamie_love/status/1127954525074096129 #watchtroll #patenttrolls
You're not alone. #watchtroll blocked me too after he (Gene) had lost a debate on #swpats

They're insecure liars.
#watchtroll is lying again. What it calls "Drafters of the New Section 101" is just 4 losers who for ~3 years failed to change the #law in favour of #patenttrolls

This time too they will fail. Misleading at best.
In "Patent Trend Study Part Nine: Blockchain" #Watchtroll continues to pretend that #swpats are magically OK if you ride hype waves
#watchtroll whining about Knowledge Ecology International could be the perfect endorsement for Knowledge Ecology International. Watchtroll wants to see poor people dead for #patent profiteering. #kei
Dustin Weeks at #watchtroll is meanwhile shifting to #ptab and #cafc cases that do not concern Section 101. The #patent maximalists struggle to find anything that supports their unreasonable position.
"Bipartisan Agreement That Drug Prices Are a Problem (and #Patents are Complicated) Could Mean Changes for Pharma," says new #watchtroll editor, Eileen McDermott. They worry about an avalanche of #patents on life (it'll happen!).
#Watchtroll still issues attacks on #ptab all the time because trolls dislike justice (stands in the way of #extortion )
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