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The weird magic of eiderdown
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Find out more info and updates on the rescue #hedgehog gang by checking my original post and comments

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Prospectors dig up remains of extinct animals for trade worth an estimated £40m a year

Activists and officials in northern Russia have warned of a “gold rush” for mammoth ivory as prospectors dig up tusks and other woolly mammoth remains that can net a small fortune on the rapacious Chinese market.

Melting permafrost from global heating has made it easier for locals to retrieve the remains of woolly mammoths, which have been extinct for thousands of years, and sell them on to China, where the ivory is fashioned into jewellery, trinkets, knives, and other decorations.
Permafrost thaw sparks fear of mammoth ivory 'gold rush' in Russia
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🦔Spikier Things💕

Some new arrivals at @saijaszoo...
First, a male hedgehog - 85g, estimated at three weeks of age - who arrived yesterday and is starting to get comfortable here. He seems rather well and has a good appetite, so at this time we are very hopeful.

Just a few hours ago Saija went to check another hedgehog a cyclist had spotted next to her dead mother - killed... Show more...
Vänerskärgården, Sweden: If the cranes seem the most exotic birds here, that will change as they are returned to Britain

Built on a promontory at Lake Vänern, Läckö Castle is a baroque confection of whitewashed walls and red-roofed domes and turrets, a vivid contrast to the grey stone fortresses of Northumberland. Within its high walls, its English gardener, Simon Irvine, grows salad crops in sensuous waving curves to show the beauty of vegetables. From the track to the castle I breathe in the strong sweet orange scent of Philadelphus from rounded white clouds of bushes. A yellowhammer calls from deep in a rose thicket, a summer sound among scented arcs of pink flowers.
Country diary: this castle could never be English – unlike the wildlife
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Residents suffer rashes and breathing difficulties as warm weather brings infestation

Marauding caterpillars with toxic hairs have brought parts of Germany to a standstill, leading to closures of swimming pools, restaurants, public parks and sections of the motorway.

Oak processionary moth caterpillars, named after the nose-to-tail processions they form to travel between the oak trees they devour, have fine, long hairs with an irritating toxin that can cause blistering rashes, feverish dizzy spells and asthma attacks.
Toxic caterpillars spark health scare across Germany
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Camels in the land of kangaroos? Yes, you got that right.

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‘Crazy’ and ‘scary’: Dramatic ocean warming off #Alaska raises concerns for hunters and #wildlife
"When armed militants with a grudge against the federal government seized the Malheur National #Wildlife Refuge in rural #Oregon back in the winter of 2016, I remember avoiding the news coverage."
Up in Arms: New Book Explores the Bundys, Militias and the Battle Over Public Lands
On Wednesday the local Fire Department Rescue Team got a call saying that a motor boat anchored in the harbour was evidently about to sink. They went to check, verified that it was so and lifted the boat out of the water to a trailer and moved it elsewhere for damage assessment. Then they realized a strange sound coming from the cabin and found a nest with six ti... Show more...
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