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North Korean leader expected to seek Russian president’s support over western sanctions

Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin are expected to hold talks on an island in the far east of Russia this week in the first meeting between the two world leaders.

The North Korean leader is expected to travel by armoured train to the city of Vladivostok as early as Wednesday, where he will meet the Russian president on the island campus of Far Eastern University under heavy security.
Vladimir Putin to meet Kim Jong-un this week for first time
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Christian Schilcher’s poem about immigration is described as ‘abominable’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘inhuman’

The deputy mayor of Adolf Hitler’s home town has resigned after publishing a poem about immigration whose imagery was described by Austria’s chancellor as “disgusting, inhuman and deeply racist”.

Christian Schilcher, the deputy mayor of Branau am Inn, published his poem in the Easter edition of a local newspaper affiliated to his far-right Freedom party.
Politician from Hitler's home town resigns over 'deeply racist' poem
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Zayan Chowdhury, a relative of Sheikh Hasina and Tulip Siddiq, died in Colombo hotel blast

An eight-year-old relative of the Bangladeshi prime minister was among more than 300 people killed in a wave of coordinated suicide bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, according to reports in the country.

Zayan Chowdhury, who was also a relative of British Labour MP Tulip Siddiq, was having breakfast with his father at a hotel in Colombo when a suicide bomber detonated his device.
Sri Lanka: boy, 8, related to Bangladeshi leader and UK MP, among young victims
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Comedy is a tool, a trick – Ukraine will soon see, running a country is no joke | Jack Bernhardt
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The shocking rape trial that galvanised Spain’s feminists – and the far right
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Volodymyr Zelenskiy: after the landslide, things get serious for Servant of the People
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Poroshenko concedes defeat as poll shows comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy winning 73% of the vote

A comedian with no political experience won a landslide victory in Ukraine’s presidential election on Sunday, exit polls showed, dealing a stunning rebuke to the country’s political establishment.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, whose only previous political role was playing the role of Ukraine’s president on television, trounced incumbent Petro Poroshenko by taking 73% of the vote, according to exit polls conducted by several thinktanks.
Zelenskiy wins second round of Ukraine's presidential election – exit poll
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MPs vote to put pressure on Berlin as European parliamentary elections loom

Greece is poised to send Germany a formal diplomatic note detailing its demand for billions of euros in wartime reparations after MPs voted overwhelmingly for the emotive issue to be raised officially.

In a move bound to stir sentiment ahead of crucial European parliament elections, Athens vowed to pile pressure on Berlin, taking legal and diplomatic steps that will throw the spotlight on crimes committed during the brutal Nazi occupation.
Greece to ask Germany for billions in war reparations
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Srećko Horvat: ‘The current system is more violent than any revolution’
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‘Watershed’ moment for island as Niyazi Kızılyürek campaigns on reunification ticket

A Turkish Cypriot candidate is set for the first time to win a seat in next month’s European parliament elections in what is already being hailed a watershed moment for the partitioned island.

In a country riven physically and psychologically by ethnic division, polls show widespread support for Niyazi Kızılyürek, a prominent Turkish Cypriot academic who is being fielded by Akel, the main opposition leftist party in the Greek-controlled south.
Turkish Cypriot poised to win seat in European parliament elections
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Time is running out for planet Earth, yet all our politicians can do is carp on about article 50
Brexit fiddles while the planet burns – cartoon
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Likely election of comedian Zelenskiy will be the result of an anti-establishment vote

“There’s a 90% chance he’ll be a disaster, but I’m going to vote for him anyway,” said Alyona Sych, a 36-year-old nurse, strolling through Kyiv in the spring sunshine and explaining why she plans to vote for an untested actor and comedian in Ukraine’s presidential election. “I know 100% that the current guy is a disaster, so of course I’ll go for the 10% chance we could really change things.”

For three seasons of the popular Ukrainian television show Servant of the People, Volodymyr Zelenskiy has played a frustrated everyman teacher, implausibly propelled to the country’s presidency. Now he’s standing for the job for real, and most polls give him a commanding lead over the incumbent, Petro Poroshenko. By Sunday evening, Zelenskiy could have secured a fourth season as president, but his first one in real life.
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Life as the Guardian's Ireland reporter: my return home to a nation in flux
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Virginia Raggi allegedly put pressure on CEO to push company into the red

Rome’s beleaguered mayor is facing calls to resign after allegedly putting pressure on the former chief of the city’s waste disposal firm to fudge the company’s accounts.

Virginia Raggi is accused of putting “undue pressure” on Lorenzo Bagnacani to manipulate the 2017 balance sheet of rubbish disposal firm AMA, with the objective of pushing the company into the red. Raggi sacked Bagnacani in February.
Rome mayor accused of trying to change waste disposal firm's accounts
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A referendum on Poroshenko but also a very Ukrainian election
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France’s shame at the Notre Dame fire shows the west still believes in society | Julian Baggini
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Gérard Araud compares regime to court of Louis XIV and warns UK over post-Brexit trade

The outgoing French ambassador to the US has compared the Trump administration to the court of King Louis XIV, filled with courtiers trying to interpret the caprices of a “whimsical, unpredictable, uninformed” leader.

Gérard Araud, who retires on Friday after a 37-year career that included some of the top jobs in French diplomacy, said Donald Trump’s unpredictability and his single-minded transactional interpretation of US interests was leaving the administration isolated on the world stage.
'Whimsical, uninformed': French ambassador's parting verdict on Trump
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Scientists are warning against new legislation to grow Iceland’s fish farming industry, but industry is pressuring for a go-ahead

A five-fold expansion in open net fish farms that scientists believe could decimate Iceland’s wild salmon stocks is pitting Big Aquaculture against ecologists in the country.

Next month, a parliamentary bill is expected to extend farm licenses from 10 to 16 years, while omitting critics from oversight panels and handing primary monitoring powers to industry.
Huge plans to expand Iceland's fish farms risk decimating wild fish populations
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Why the European far right’s bid to weaponise Notre Dame won’t work | Natalie Nougayrède
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Rai’s proposals to show different content to men and women condemned as sexist

Italian state broadcaster Rai has sparked fury over a proposal to create separate male and female TV channels.

A reorganisation of some of the company’s channels as part of its strategic plan could result in one airing shows and films geared more towards men, and one aimed at women.
Italian broadcaster sparks fury over plans for gender-specific channels
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UN says arrest and detention of Moncef Kartas violates diplomatic immunity

A UN-appointed expert on breaches of the Libyan arms embargo has been arrested and kept in a Tunisian jail for nearly a month.

Moncef Kartas, a Tunisian-German dual national, was arrested on 26 March. He is one of six UN experts appointed to investigate breaches of the UN-imposed embargo on arms to Libya first introduced in 2011. The UN says his detention is a violation of his diplomatic immunity.
Tunisia holds UN Libya arms trafficking expert in jail
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